We live, we die

we love, we cry,

we laugh, we scour,

we struggle and triumph 

hour by hour.

For what’s it all about?

This colourful interplay

on the earth’s vibrant floor?

Is it all for nought?

Or all to sing praise

as we ought?

The ripples in Japan

I cannot contain …

I wonder what to do …

What or where is my aim?

How do I help this world

that’s so obviously in pain?

In Pain.

The music of life

seems to calm down the strife,

the dance through the spheres

seems to soften our fears;

though I wail for the children

~ the future unsure ~

Nuclear leakage abounds

Let me take them 

take them

take them underground.

It’s all an illusion

but this dark pollution

underscores the very preciousness

of life.

Fly me away

to the planets I know

that are still intact,

for me to gather the seed,

come home and proceed

 to sow the seed anew.

For the Chief said

what befalls the earth befalls us;

and I feel our earth crying,

I feel our earth dying

under the weight of our greed, our ignorance,

our staunch creeds.

Our earth she sighs

as in our arrogance we blunder on,

heeding none

but the isolated desires of our own

wayward songs.

I pray for New Beginnings.

Give us New Beginnings …

We call for a reset,

another chance to love,

to know and act the truth

that we are One.


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