My Crazy Circus Adventures!

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When you were a child, did you ever daydream about running away to the Circus? Perhaps especially when you were a teenager and home life was just getting all too tight and tense for your budding self? Well, me too! But I never thought I’d actually do it, for real — until…. I was 24 years old, living in London. I’d left my ballet career and was embarking upon a whole new inquiry into the world of natural medicine, along with studying a plethora of other fascinating subjects including creative writing, the psychology of consciousness, and natural dance. I was in a convoluted relationship that I wanted to extricate myself from, and was up for the lead role in a film at the London Film School, as I thought it would be fun to try my hand at acting. Of course I was...

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The Beauty and Brutality of Ballet

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During a wonderful, turbulent career as a professional ballerina with the Royal Ballet and Dutch National Ballet, I learnt what it’s like to devote your life to your art form, and be chronically ill-treated whilst doing so. I had started studying ballet at the tender age of 3, and though I loved to dance, the teacher I had was distinctly unkind and constantly played favourites. I was not one of those seemingly lucky kids, though I believe I was the only one to actually go on and have a professional career in this demanding work. Ms. Mari Bicknell did not like me, and I knew it. Why I will never know, nor understand. The work requirements as you’re groomed to become a ballerina are unusually diverse. You have to be a very talented, strong, yet lyrical, athlete. Be...

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The Venus Effect

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Feminine Leadership in Today’s New World!    Our world has been turned upside down in the last 20 months or so, in no uncertain terms. We have been blindsided by unexpected events, and felt more collective fear and disempowerment than we have in a long long time. Perhaps in our entire lives. It has not been easy, nor gentle, for we’ve been swept up in a maelstrom of angst in unprecedented ways. And yet, with all the death, destruction and confusion; with all the unceremonious stripping away of dignity, autonomy and deeply held value systems…. something deep in our hearts and souls is galvanizing, even as the body and mind takes shelter.  We are searching in the uncommon silence and solitude in ways we haven’t done for what seems like...

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Children’s Health – Whose Responsibility Is It?

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      The Gift of Health           One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received so far in life is the deep honour of being a mother. I have three fabulous children all close in age. The first, my daughter Shenoa, was born when I was 25; the second, my son Ryan, 19 months later, when I was 27; and the third, my daughter Corina, 24 months later, when I was 29. Wow, was I a busy and blessed Mum! As obviously challenging as motherhood is, I felt like I took to it like a duck to water. I felt so immersed in all the loving and tending, and it all felt really natural, like I was born to do this particular job in the world. I loved this new role with all my heart and soul. Did that mean I didn’t make mistakes, sometimes big ones? Of course not! As...

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Asking Big Questions

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Asking Big Questions       We are living in a time like none other right now. A most divided time – there is a huge chasm yawning between world views. It’s a most disturbing time. Families sharply divided in their personally held stances. It’s so so painful. Why?  Well, there are new precedents being created almost daily concerning our health. About our right to choose what we put in our bodies. About what is “good” and suddenly, inexplicably “necessary” for our children. And ultimately about hidden risks versus questionable benefits of brand new untested procedures, where there are no long term studies whatsoever to prove safety. The key questions are about recent allopathic health/sickness protocols and Medical...

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Activate Your Light Body!

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Activate Your Light Body!        Many of us are acutely aware that this is an extraordinary time of transformation on our planet! We are at the early edge of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. A new Golden Age is being ushered in, and the Earth herself is raising her vibration along with us. The life-death-life cycle has never been more apparent, as we witness the old world crumbling before our very eyes, and yet we all know it’s time for this new birth. We are intimately connected to Gaia, and indeed to the entire universe. We are neurons of this planet, her actual Nervous System if you will, and we are being called to awaken and ascend, not out of the body, but within and through our sacred body temple.       Yet there is a real battle taking place, a...

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