About Julie

I am passionate about Life! About Spiritual Awakening, Health, Brilliant Ideas, Nature, Music, Movement, Poetry, My kids -and of course Love! I dream abundantly – Life is a celebration and walking the beauty way is my guiding light …


Prior to her 30 years in the Natural Healing arena, Julie was a professional ballet dancer, training and dancing with The Royal Ballet in London, England; and Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam, Holland. She was also a top performer in the largest, most successful circus in Mexico – Cirque d’Italia.

As a child, Julie soberly witnessed the longterm suffering of her beloved mother’s physical and mental/emotional illnesses. Though her father was a renowned  doctor, researcher and teacher of medicine in Cambridge, England and at UCLA in America, invasive treatment through extensive surgeries, a cornucopia of pharmaceutical drugs and electroconvulsive shock therapy appeared not only ineffective but clearly detrimental to her mother’s wellbeing. Mortified, Julie resolved to find safe, effective, natural methods to assist the body/mind/spirit. Her quest has led her to synthesize the beauty of the science of health with the art of healing and the psycho/spiritual aspects, to truly empower people with their health.

Julie is passionate about co-creating lives of radiant health, wealth and true freedom with like hearted souls on the planet. An inspirational speaker and writer, she has built a vibrant multi million dollar business worldwide in the Wellness Industry, becoming a sought after teacher and coach for thousands.  She is deeply committed to helping raise consciousness during this most exciting, potent time, learning and teaching others how to reclaim their true divine destiny. Her purpose is to co-create heaven on earth, connecting the One Heart around the world in peace, love, joy and truth.

She has 3 wonderful children, and lives in Boulder, CO. where she enjoys a creative, abundant life on all levels.