Quest For Liberation

Quest for Liberation


In each calculated step you take

in your quest for liberation

at the top of the world,

I will be there ~

In the grey rock beneath your feet

supporting your agility.

In every unsuspected mystery

that descends round your strategic plans,

unveiling your innocence

and unbridled ingenuity,

I will be here ~

In the quickening of your heartbeat

Strengthening your lifeforce.

In each moment of sheer terror

and equal bursts of euphoria,

as you climb steadfast

under the glowing full moon

to the rhythm of your spirit song,

I will be in the wrap of the wind ~

lifting you upwards.

And when you stand

one more time

on the summit of your very soul,

I will silently celebrate you

in the crisp dawning of the day,

in the first flood of sunlight,

pouring liquid gold

on the pristine snow.

Gloriously, lovingly, peacefully

I will celebrate you.

And dream you safely home. 


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