Life and Teaching of The Masters of the Far East

I am so loving reading the first volume (of six) of Life and Teaching of The Masters of the Far East!  It is the beginning of a journey that moves me every page I turn; rather like when I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.  That was a life transforming book to say the least!  This one no less …

Here is a wondrous quote that touched me so deeply today …

” … Our chief asked the lady what she considered the greatest attribute of God.  Without a moment’s hesitation she answered, “Love”.  Then she went on to say, “The Tree of Life is located in the midst of the paradise of God, the very depth of our own soul, and the rich, abundant fruit that grows and ripens to the fullest perfection, the most perfect and life-giving, is Love.  Love has been defined by those who perceive its true character as the greatest thing in the world.  I might add that it is the greatest healing force in the world.  Love never fails to meet every demand of the human heart.  The Divine Principle of Love may be used to eliminate every sorrow, every infirmity, every harsh condition, and every lack that harasses humanity.  With the right understanding and use of the subtle and illimitable influence of Love, the world may be healed of its wounds and the sweet mantle of its heavenly compassion may cover all inharmony, all ignorance, and all mistakes of mankind.

“With wings outstretched, Love  searches out the arid spots of the human heart, the waste places of life, and with seeming magic touch redeems humanity and transforms the world.  Love is God, eternal, limitless, changeless, going beyond all vision into infinitude.  The end we can only envision. ….”

And so on … so beautiful, that my eyes fill with tears as I read.  This is the truth I know and love.


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  1. Thank you, Julie, from the bottom of my heart for sharing this reading. 6 volumes would seem quite a lot to absorb…. with love.

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