Faery Folk

Often, when I’m speaking to large groups about the magic of our universe, and our role in it, I ask  if they believe in angels. Most everyone raises their hands. That’s heartening for sure. However, when my next question comes rolling off my tongue “And how many of you believe in Faeries?” the room takes on an awkward hush, and very very few of the suddenly subdued audience raise even their little pinkies …

Now why IS that??

Seems really odd to me, but I think people like to feel part of an already accepted idea, like Angels, the stories of which light up our world throughout religious and spiritual texts galore. They show up all over the place, saving the day, or night, in their inimitable style and glory. And even though we’re not really sure sure sure, we come to some collective agreement that they’d be a good thing to believe in anyway … like some sort of heavenly insurance plan.

Now I would say, given my own experience in life, that yes, angels do exist for sure, and I’m super grateful for that! Thank you, thank you, thank you God/dess, for we certainly do need all the help we can get down here! 🙂

But I just gotta tell you that the Faery Folk abound, and bound, upon our lovely earth, for they are the Guardians of Gaia, and help Her to support all of life here. They are crucial to the wellbeing and harmony of our interconnecting web of life, and are the most joyous of beings!

They love to laugh, dance, play music, skip, hop and jump and generally play their hearts out. They can be super mischievous at times, and even downright naughty if you tick them off, or are careless about our natural world. They can be shy too, especially to show you their amazing wings, which vary dramatically in colour and shape.

Faeries are not all alike, oh no, they are somewhat different in size and style in various parts of the world. And they’re just not going to reveal themselves to you unless they know you’re the genuine article of goodness and sensitive awareness, protecting beloved Gaia, and helping our world to heal through joy, love and laughter.

They are generally good friends with elves, leprechauns and dwarves. But tend to raise an eyebrow or two when it comes to the goblins and gremlins. (Then again, who doesn’t?!)

I remember loving the faeries all my childhood, growing up in the countryside of Cambridgeshire, England. But I’ve got to admit, it was when I was 20 years of age, and visited the Isle of Man for a lone two week trip on my motorbike, that I really knew them, without a shadow of a doubt. Perhaps it’s because the land is untrammeled there, as there are so few people, that they are left to their own “kick up your heels” antics. But wow, did I feel them EVERYWHERE!! The whole island was charmed by their presence. And the Manx people KNOW … and they don’t mess with the little folk. I heard many a story of the faeries blowing out tires on cars if they heard people scoffing about their existence, as they drove over certain Faery Bridges!

The faeries are amazing manifestors, as they love to have fun creating magic all day long. If you need to find a new home, or the love of your life, or the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, then go make friends with the faeries, and ask them for their help. If you love nature, recycle, and take care of the plants, trees, water, wildlife etc. then they will probably be your friend. And help you.

Just don’t forget to bring them delicious little chocolates and shiny things, ‘cos you know, they are faeries after all!

And a little “Thank you” bow or curtsey doesn’t ever hurt. Wouldn’t you say? 😉

It’s time to remember the Faery Folk, and help them love our planet back to the health She so deserves. Wouldn’t you say?



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