Activate Your Light Body!

? Activate Your Light Body! ?
      Many of us are acutely aware that this is an extraordinary time of transformation on our planet! We are at the early edge of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. A new Golden Age is being ushered in, and the Earth herself is raising her vibration along with us. The life-death-life cycle has never been more apparent, as we witness the old world crumbling before our very eyes, and yet we all know it’s time for this new birth. We are intimately connected to Gaia, and indeed to the entire universe. We are neurons of this planet, her actual Nervous System if you will, and we are being called to awaken and ascend, not out of the body, but within and through our sacred body temple.
      Yet there is a real battle taking place, a battle for our souls, for our very consciousness. A battle to reduce and wipe out our sovereignty of being and reduce us to becoming mere slaves, disconnected from our immortal souls, our inner God/Goddess, our inherent Genius. It is the fight of choosing to be wizards or muggles, giants of the cosmos or simple homo sapiens. I’m sure you’re aware that this battle is happening on the inside just as much as it is manifesting on the outside. As we commit to being our true magnificent selves within, so can we powerfully and positively affect our external world. As within, so without. “Be the Change” Gandhi said so eloquently. Yes, it’s the only way. And then help others, one person at a time. This way we will change the trajectory of our planetary story, and transform ourselves from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous. The en-lightened human being. This is our collective mission, should we choose to awaken to it. And to live it fully, in joyful gratitude for the exquisite opportunity to be of such significant service to Source. To the Divine.
      For over 25 years now I have been teaching about protecting and cultivating our light body, and thus our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies also. “Everything is Energy” Einstein simply, wisely stated. As we build and illuminate our personal energetic torus field, we are able to experience an extraordinary leap in vital health and in consciousness, becoming a full player in this crucial Ascension process now. However, in order to do that, we must more effectively “plug back in” to the miraculous powers of Nature.
      One of these super powers is Gaia’s loving, nurturing, life supporting magnetic field. We cannot live without this field, in fact we would all be dead within about 10 days if we didn’t have it to naturally draw from. However, whether accidentally or by design, we have been slowly disconnecting more and more from this life giving field over the last years. We spend most of our time inside buildings now, that are insulated from the magnetic field. We no longer spend hours outside, connected to Nature, as the agricultural people of old did. We’re talking only 100 years ago or so. How rapidly times have changed! We rarely step barefoot on the Earth anymore, which gives us such instant nourishment through the ionic exchange between our bodies and the Earth’s embrace. We barely even take a walk outside in Nature, in natural sunlight, enjoying the freely given gifts of our world.
      And then we are especially thrown off course with the advent of EMF fields that are completely antithetical to our own energy systems. They drain us, slowly but surely draining our life battery. Is it a wonder that we’re always feeling so tired, so anxious, so inexplicably sad or downright chronically depressed? Of course not. And we see this malaise growing quickly in our children’s lives, especially in our adolescents, where the unprecedented rise in suicldes is so deeply alarming to us all. This must change. Yet how we love the conveniences modern life offers, especially with the proliferation of the internet now, with all its myriad of conveniences. Computers, tablets and cell phones rule the day. And often even the night! Hence the epidemic of sleeplessness that has swept over the modern world.
      What to do? Well, the ancient understanding of true health was always based on the bedrock of Nature being our source of power, of strength, of vitality. And so it is. Epigenetics is a very real phenomena…. your cells, even your genes, morph and change according to the environment they are in. Yes, that’s a known fact. It’s time we heeded the truth of epigenetics in our daily lives. Luckily for us the Asian part of the world has not forgotten this truth, and they actively remind us of the essential keys to our wellbeing being anchored in this simple yet profound wisdom.
      In 1995 I discovered, as the result of deep prayer, to my delight, a Japanese company that is the world leader in utilizing specially designed magnetic technology as a major part of a simple concept: bringing Nature home! Yes, creating a safe, nurturing, deeply empowering environment for the cultivation of our lifeforce, or energy body. Bringing the powerful light frequencies of the earth’s magnetism and the sunlight, along with structured, mineralized water, and vibrantly healthy air into our homes.
      Nikken named it the “Wellness Home” and indeed it is exactly that. The key here is to be connected to these fields 24/7, therefore there is a sleep system to magically cocoon us at night, and daytime products like health bands and insoles, joint wraps and seats, and grounding mats to use throughout the day, and also whenever we’re using our computers. Not to mention wonderful nutritionals that add to a well rounded health plan.
      I have seen many many miracles with these technologies. Far too many to list here! Miracles of all shapes and sizes. And not only for us humans, but for animals, especially domesticated animals who suffer much as we do nowadays, and even for our plants! We quickly experience a heightened sense of overall peaceful yet vibrant wellbeing that is truly remarkable. It feels like coming home to yourself! The steady activation of our light body empowers us to become far more radiant, creative, loving, and consistently tapped in to a higher, broader, more sentient state of consciousness. It is absolutely undeniable.
      I love sharing this knowledge with others around the world. For the universe is a grand, brilliantly and beautifully designed symphony that is inextricably interconnected. We are an intricate part of this magnificent love song… and it’s time to re-learn our part of the harmony and counterpoint. Then we naturally become our true sovereign selves and can effortlessly join the en-lightenment that is happening at this momentous time of awakening on our precious Earth and indeed throughout our cosmos. Join the throng of luminous lightbeings…. sing your song. Welcome to the New World! 

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