Without Fanfare

Without Fanfare


Warm sweet wind

caressing my shoulders,

dancing with my hair

in greeting.

Sitting untroubled

I hear the crickets’ constancy,

notice a chainsaw

in the far away distance

cutting though the stillness ~

reminds me of man’s industriousness

even in the wild places.

Presence pervades everything here  …

revealing itself through the parched earth,

rolling clouds

and in the light flight

of a solitary butterfly

yellow as the iridescent sun.

Over the hills I hear the ring

of a focussed hammer

filled with gritty determination ~

Creativity is afoot and so alive

everywhere I am.

Pine cones spiral around me

on the good red rocks 

promising fertility;

As the mother tree

who birthed them

stands strong and proud

and effortlessly

has my back one more time.

Ahead I see expansiveness,

possibility, no agenda ~

simply openness.

And into this moment

my heart floods willingly ~

the flame within

quietly awake

without fanfare.


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