Wild World

Wild World


I long for the wild world
The crashing sea and perilous mountains,
the fine sands of deserts
undulating in the hot breath
of the dragon’s yawning.

I long for the wild world
Rich verdant forests
where bears and foxes forage
in the underbrush of life;
where eagles circle high
casting long shadows across the land
as they spiral on the wind,
as they spiral across the sky.

Places where no’one goes
Unspoiled by human touch
Untrammelled by human greed;
undisturbed by the coarseness
of man’s ignorance.

My heart is longing
like a soft breeze through the firs,
to be lost and found
in the wilderness of our beloved planet.

All I want
is to be here
Here in the wild world
with you.


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