What’s New on the Horizon?

“What’s new on the horizon?

Here’s a click: ….

     Door-to door wellness calls may bring the more unusual, more natural healing techniques out of the spa/practitioners’ offices and into the home.

     Already a Japanese company, Nikken, is creating a U.S. sales network for its Magnetic Field Therapy products. In a technique similar to acupuncture (only without needles), rubberized magnets are placed on your skin. By generating heat and energy, they promise to help in the healing of aches and pains.  The same company also makes magnetized shoe inserts, mattress pads and pillows, all de-stressers.

     Magnetic field disks may well be the antidote to today’s electronic overload. For future health Clicks,little magnetizers could be slipped into lots of things. Phones, headsets, massagers. Headbands to combat migraines. A bracelet for arthritis. An ankle bracelet for gout. Chairs and car seats for back pain. Set into your home’s or office’s doorjambs (any place you pass through at least once a day) for overall good health. 

     Add these to the growing list of things we can do to take care of ourselves. To take control back from the medical profession, into our own competent hands. (As proof-positive of our self-diagnosing mania, the bulky Physician’s Desk Reference, the doctor’s guidebook, reports increased sales to ordinary consumers.)”

Excerpt from the book Clicking by famous futurist, Faith Popcorn

PS: Nikken makes NO medical claims of any kind.

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  1. Fabulous news for natural healing process!

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