Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky


She was all about it …

running around being healthy, strong, independent,

showing the world her smile

and fancy cowboy boots,

striding into tomorrow without a backward glance

or sigh of regret.

And then you came ~ 

and suddenly the crumbling began.

All she seemed to know anymore

was how to cry

into the true sound of your breath,

into the wide berth of your heart span;

tumbling down into your stories

(like rolling down hills, getting all dizzy inside);

Opening unexpectedly inside the warm honey

of your laughter and hers combined.

In the deep purple of the english nightfall,

she dropped into the silence

as she felt you fold your vibrant wings

into a comfortable sleep.

She wasn’t exactly sure what to do 

about all this unravelling,

but she was curiously eager to keep going

and see what the next moment brought 

and the next.

And when the stars finally surfaced

out of the velvet sky

on her side of the globe,

and she missed your gentle sounding 

of her name ~

She danced

liquid by the fire

in the rose – gold candlelight ~

Knowing full well

that she only ever danced like this

for God,

but letting you see her 

in your dreaming



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