Top 10 reasons to be an Entrepreneur in 2021

The Massive Reset of 2021!

There are very specific reasons that many people choose to be an entrepreneur. They may vary somewhat according to the phase of life you’re in, the mindset you have, the level of suffering you’ve encountered through working for others, your risk/reward barometer etc. But right now, here in 2021, there are some extremely powerful advantages in choosing this path, like never before. I’ll elucidate just a few of them here.

First just know that they all revolve around one key principle: Freedom! This is the first and foremost reason to choose this route! Freedom ultimately means Self Sovereignty. Autonomy. Calling your own shots. Being your own boss. Answering to no one but yourself. You will see that Freedom is at the very heart of each and every point I make here. That’s why it’s the overarching name of the game, especially in the ever more alarmingly restricting climate of today’s world. Ok so let’s explore a little of this vastly expansive landscape together…

1: Freedom – Living your Passion! Doing what you truly love, not simply getting by with a skillset you learned in school, through working for others. The ability to follow your bliss is an incredible privilege. Yes, there are definitely big risks but the massive rewards of living an authentic passionate life, with your highest values able to remain intact, are incalculable to say the least.

2: Freedom – Not subject to Employers’ Mandates! Yes, here in 2021, this is now one of the most pressing of issues for employees. What will you tolerate? Who is ultimately in charge of you and your wellbeing? You are. Say no more!

3: Freedom – No Glass Ceiling! This is huge for so many reasons. The sky is the limit on what you wish and commit to earn, so long as your product or service is stellar. No one else has the power to hold you back. Again, you call the shots. Build your own dream, your own wealth, not someone else’s. One life, make it count.

4: Freedom – No termination! No one can fire you, furlough you, lay you off. Yup, that’s right. Only you have the power to call quits on yourself! The risk of being suddenly, unexpectedly terminated, perhaps even after many years of loyal service, is no longer a threat hanging over your head. Constantly watching your back in case of betrayal is no longer an issue. You are sovereign unto yourself at last. It’s the best answer to an often grossly unfair corporate workplace.

5: Freedom – Digital Nomad – A Way of Life! Assuming your entrepreneurial business is primarily online, you can work from anywhere you want. Yes, from home, but also whilst traveling, on holiday, even moving to another town, city, state, or even country if you choose. Become a digital nomad – for much of the world can now become your oyster. Entrepreneurs love the sense of limitless expansion this gives them.

6: Freedom – Time Flexibility! Create your own Time schedule around the values you hold deepest in life, such as family, exercising, travel, spiritual practices, natural lifestyle rhythms. Prioritize to formulate the perfect work week just the way you want it. No more time spent slogging it out in the proverbial sweatshop. Your time is your own, use it wisely to produce the results you want.

7: Freedom – Freedom of speech! No censoring. Wow, what a concept! You speak to the power of your business in your own authentic, liberated style. No one (including, maybe especially, an employer) telling you what you can or cannot say. No towing the line. You are the leader now. Speak up. Speak out. Let your beautiful visions for a better world be heard. Enjoy finding your true uninhibited expression at last. Don’t die with your song still in you!

8: Freedom – No Prejudice! This is huge, as shadowy, lightly veiled prejudice exists everywhere in the corporate world. But here in the freedom world, it doesn’t matter your race, your gender, your age, your lifestyle, your background etc. None of it matters. Only your work ethic and performance matters. Your natural talents and skills matter. But no one can curtail your rise to greatness ever again. You’re the center of your own creation. You are the One! And as Neo, you are incredibly needed in our world right now. Go to it!

9: Freedom – Creative and C0operative Environment! If your business involves building teams of entrepreneurs (like mine) then you have the privilege of working not only creatively, but co-creatively with others, versus competing with others to climb the corporate ladder. This is a far more evolved, feminine style way of working, as everyone thrives in a natural Win/Win environment. Now you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

10: Freedom – True Belonging! Enjoy being part of a like minded community at last! Yes, as an entrepreneur, one of the greatest gifts of all is to be associated with a community of out of the box free thinkers just like you. People who don’t accept the serious limitations of being an employee, and relish the idea of building their own dreams, their own enterprise, their own dynasty according to their own vision, values and ethics.

If you see the immense gifts of each of these points – Congratulations!  Now if you take the plunge into your authentic soulful life of true sovereignty you will probably never look back. It may take some time to segue into this adventure, this new way of being, but be patient, as it’s absolutely worth it. Soon enough you will become totally unemployable. Enjoy your liberation. You so completely deserve it. And believe me, we need your creative soul song right now like never before!


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