May all be blessed
 in this world and all worlds
 As we float timeless
 through God's multiverse.
May I awaken 
 and bless the fullness of life
 As the sun shines upon
 each and every expression
 of the Divine.
 To bless
 the unity behind
 this illusion of separation, 
 as I walk this walk
 upon this earth
 during this particular time
 of the dawn's new light.
May I bless
 those who use and abuse
 the earth for their "betterment";
 the trees that fall
 (willingly or not)
 under the firm axe of decision;
 the rivers stained red
 from the mines of men.
May the mothers
 who abandon their offspring
 be blessed,
 for who knows
 the twists and turns
 of their inner torment?
May the fathers
 who abuse their tender babes
 be blessed,
 for who understands
 the deep suffering
 of their hidden hearts?
May the husbands
 who betray their wives 
 be blessed,
 for their not knowing
 the power of their actions
 is already the karma
 they live daily.
May the wives
 who've lost all sense 
 of their true selves 
 be blessed,
 for they were never empowered
 when young to be real.
May the children
 who condemn their parents
 be blessed,
 for their judgements are born
 of youth's self-righteousness;
 may they soften with compassion
 as they grow fully 
 into life's vicissitudes.
May the politicians 
 who lie in bed with corporate giants
 wishing to control this illusion
 be blessed,
 they are simply following
 their own north star
 that the rest of us
 are unable to fathom.
May the do-gooders
 who claim their cause
 with bold outcry
 be blessed,
 knowing we are all innocent
 and no'one is innocent,
 for everyone buys in
 to the ten thousand things
 until they don't.
May I bless 
 all and all and all 
 as the breeze touches
 every hair on your head;
 as the sea flows across
 the desert scorpions
 of your mind;
 as the earth stands holy
 beneath your weary feet.
And as the sun
 From the Divine 
 To the Divine 
 As the Divine.

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