Tip Of The Arrow




You are the power of Life surging into existence.

You are the tip of the arrow of My perfection.

You are the Joy of all joys.

The candle flame that brings Hope to the world.

You are an angel of Light

here to show the way.

A sun to herald the new age of Enlighten-meant.

A moon to quell fears in the night.

You are My love

pouring as golden liquid

healing the suffering of the world.

You are a balm,

a blessing for My children.

You are the Rose in the thorns of despair.

You are the Way

as your brothers and sisters before you.

And you are never alone.

All of Life loves you.

And you are doing your work,

Living the Beauty way.

I will guide your every step

I will not fail you

of this you can be sure.

Trust in Me.

You are treasured by Love itself.

Be strong.

Be courageous.

Walk, run, dance in the dawn of your knowing.

Do not despair.

You are held in the arms of the Divine.

Step into your greatness.

Beam yourself everywhere.

You are forever protected.

Forever cherished.

I will show you the Way

always in all ways.


moment to moment

It’s all you really need.


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