The Meeting

The Meeting


We have been waiting a long time

for this Day.

For this is the Day of Awakening

And this is the Day of Celebration.

We who came to sow the seeds of love ~

Planting in all four corners of the Earth,

are coming together at last.

We come via different pathways,

but the meeting place  was long ago assigned

at the lake

at the top of the mountain.

We are of all colours,

all ages,

all traditions

and no tradition;

Of all religions

and no religion;

Of all ways

and no way.

We come together now,

And holding hands

with smiles of greeting

on every face 

give thanks ~

And pray to the One who sent us.

Your Will is done

Oh Lady of Peace.

Heaven on Earth

is upon us all.

It is the Day of Awakening

And all things

Celebrate together as One.

It is good.

It is very very good.


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