The Venus Effect

Feminine Leadership in Today’s New World! 


Our world has been turned upside down in the last 20 months or so, in no uncertain terms. We have been blindsided by unexpected events, and felt more collective fear and disempowerment than we have in a long long time. Perhaps in our entire lives. It has not been easy, nor gentle, for we’ve been swept up in a maelstrom of angst in unprecedented ways. And yet, with all the death, destruction and confusion; with all the unceremonious stripping away of dignity, autonomy and deeply held value systems…. something deep in our hearts and souls is galvanizing, even as the body and mind takes shelter. 

We are searching in the uncommon silence and solitude in ways we haven’t done for what seems like an age. Searching for answers to life’s deepest inquiries. Why am I here? What’s this all about, this earthly life? What’s really going on in our world, and what the hell am I supposed to do about it?! We are turning long held assumptions upside down and shaking them out, like legos on a tiled floor, wondering how we acquired them in the first place. Questioning: Who has influenced my mind for so long? Have I been subtly indoctrinated, through school or university, through family or friends, through the work place, all these years? Have I been duped, somehow, someway by the prevailing winds of the main current of humanity’s narrative? 

One of the places we are seeing a great shakedown as a result of all this deep reflection, is in the refusal of millions of people to go back to the work they used to do. The “same old same old” no longer has a death grip on our lives. It’s time for change. We are ripe for change! And no-one more so than the working woman. She’s had enough of the old corporate, top down autocracy of the workplace. She’s ready for a revolution! Ready to work in co-creative ways, with her autonomy intact, and where her personal style of brilliance is finally heard, respected and honoured. If she’s fortunate she may work with an enlightened group of individuals already. However, more often than not, her inner revelations will prompt her into choosing to leave an overbearing, possibly male dominated leadership situation, and find a new way to work with other women, or start her own business, following her own ethics, values, and inner genius. 

It’s not an easy switch to make, but it’s happening, all around us. Maybe it’s happening to you? Or perhaps to your mother, daughter, sister, or best girlfriend? This massive global resignation in the workplace is worth having some deep, rich conversations about. Personally, I think it’s one of the most exciting disruptions to be coming out of the last two years. Enough is enough. The indignities of the old ways of business and how women have often been treated as second class citizens is over. We’re calling it, finally. About time! And where to now? A whole new adventure awaits. Possibilities of being able to grow in conditions, environments, where we can bloom rather than wither and die. Places where we are celebrated, not merely tolerated. 

I have worked in corporations where I have witnessed myself and other women being grossly undervalued, overlooked or not tolerated for our ideas on future growth. Where the left brain, highly analytical, E/ISTJ type thinking lauds over all other creative ways (and yes, I’m an I/ENFP). Working in these places is literally like being a flower having acid rain poured slowly over your head day after day after day. Nullifying, dishonouring, disconnecting. And yes, I’ll say it again, withering. Where, if you’re not desirous of shouting louder, or pushing your agenda like a relentless bully, you are basically ignored. No matter your lifelong experience and stellar resume. If you don’t “fight like a man”, you’re not considered worthy of being taken seriously. If you don’t adhere to the styles of autocratic, top down leadership, blatant alpha dominance, you just don’t belong. The results of this intolerance is that the business does not grow nearly as robust or as fast as it could. The fall out is dreadful, whether of employees who decide they absolutely can’t/won’t take it, or customers who simply don’t resonate with the unspoken tone of the company, and quietly (or not so quietly) drift away.

It takes a village to raise a child, or so it is said. I would add the words “well- balanced and healthy” to that sentence. And it’s the same in business. We need all types, all styles, all personalities to make something really fly. And honour and respect has got be seen as one of the most fundamental values in the milieu of the company environment. Everyone has their part to play, and together a beautiful symphony can be created. But only if the feminine genius has a powerful seat at the round table. Many seats actually. This doesn’t necessarily mean the proverbial 6 women and 6 men. But a natural balance is a must.

Sadly, there are many women who, still to this day, put aside all their natural instincts, their intuition, compassion, sense of energetic disconnects, ability to see the big picture, etc. and pretend to be men, so as to be respected and taken seriously. They cut off their hearts and gentle knowing, and run a cold line of statistical rational only. This has tragic consequences for business growth. There are also men, of course, who have a well developed strong feminine wisdom side, full of creative wealth that, if they’re brave (and lucky) they can exhibit and be celebrated for. 

In stark contrast to my corporate experience, I have for many years enjoyed the marvelous experience of being a global entrepreneur, creating teams of other entrepreneurs, mostly women, in over 25 countries around the world. In an ambitious, fun, whirlwind four year period (and continuing far beyond) we found ways to quickly c0-create together effectively, rapidly producing enormous business development, resulting in huge revenue and ultimate wealth.  I focused on utilizing sound feminine principles, coupled with healthy masculine principles, to cultivate well rounded empowered leaders, who then produced passionate collective momentum for growth and mind boggling economic results. It’s all about finding the best, most consciously evolved players, and creating massive synergy really. And it’s about powerful inclusion of all the fabulous talents each person is willing to bring to the game. When autonomy, teamwork and passion for changing the world come together… watch out! So rewarding in every way. 

Now, in today’s topsy turvy world, it is time for the feminine Venus effect to be put to the test. To be allowed, celebrated and counted on for the massive contributions it can make to a well-rounded business. As this becomes more the norm rather than the odd rarity, so will our economy come back to a steady build, and ultimately thrive. It’s a new day, working in a new way. And thank heavens for that! It’s been a long time coming, but here we are – finally. This time right now gives me great hope in our ability to collectively create a better world, founded on higher and more conscious principles and values. Honouring the nurturing feminine in her right to be here, to birth her rich ideas, tend to her gardens – her communities – well, and finally be allowed to help us grow a New Heaven and a New Earth. Hallelujah! 



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