The Link Between Magnetic Fields and Consciousness

The link between Magnetic Fields and Consciousness

Excerpt from the book: “Infinite Mind – The Science of Human Vibrations” by Dr. Valerie Hunt


“An experimental physicist, Bob Beck, believed that the mystical state of psychics and clairvoyants while they were at work somehow related to the brain waves. He developed sensitive instruments that he used to record the brain waves of proven mystics. When he processed this data, he found that their brain waves during their mystical work were 7.8 cycles per second, plus or minus 1/100th of a cycle. This particular frequency reminded him of the research about the Schumann resonance.

Schumann, a German living in the early 1930’s, discovered a magnetic field that thrust upward from the earth rather than downward, as does the gravitational field. Beck reckoned that the great “hot spots,” the historical power areas of the world such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Delphi, and others, probably had strong Schumann-type vibrations. Many people have had unusually profound experiences at these locations, which are revered as reservoirs of great truths. Mystics have attested to an increased power source radiating from the ground at these power spots. Shumann recorded this resonance as between seven and eight cycles per second. Beck found it to be 7.8 cycles within one-five-hundredth of a cycle, exactly the frequency he recorded from the brain waves of  mystics.

Three outstanding contemporary scientists produced similar information from different approaches. Bohm, a physicist, stated that the cosmos is a hologram containing all the information about the world. A neurophysicist, Pribram, believed that the brain is likewise a hologram of the memory of human experience. Beck, a physicist engineer, found that when persons who possess extrasensory capacities capacities for knowing about past, present, and future events are “tuned in,” their brain waves are 7.8 cycles per second. 

From these concepts, together with the information about the earth’s resonance of 7.8 cycles per second, a vibratory field which contains data about all the events that have taken place around the world, a powerful new idea emerges. The biosphere and the cosmosphere can be viewed as two massive holographic computers doing more than their own isolated work, for they are referenced, plugged together by a frequency of 7.8 cycles per second. This is the interface – the tuning mechanism.  ……

The dominant frequency patterns of “healers” when healing was closely related with Schumann harmonics. This raises the question: is the Schumann resonance a universal vibration – the key to the primary harmonic resonance of our planet? …..”

Great, rich ideas to ponder …. What do YOU notice when you connect back in to the Magnetic Field of our planet? For myself, it definitely brings me back into a deep sense of peace, harmony, natural energy and most of all, the undeniable feeling of being interconnected with all things … 

If we can return to our inner knowing of total interconnectedness, to awaken to truth, I believe we can change the course of our chronic environmental demise, which leads to healing, not only of Mother Earth, but of our beloved plant kingdom and wildlife, and of course ourselves. This is my mission … to help us re-member!




  1. Love this article ! Thank you Julie

    • Thanks so much Tessa! I’m so happy you enjoyed it 🙂

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