Julie is a longtime dear friend and a business partner whom I know I can call on any time of the day or night if I needed help. She is solidly dependable and wise. She has boundless energy that she brings to both work and play, infectious optimism and unshakeable commitment to our earth, and a powerful and deep compassion for humanity. I just wish she lived closer by so we could sip tea together and muse about the wonderful mysteries of life.

Joan Spear – Nikken Diamond Wellness Consultant

I consider Julie Tara one of the brightest stars in the Nikken Galaxy. Her depth of character, compassion for others and exemplary leadership is an inspiration to both her followers and her peers! As a friend, Julie is in my inner circle of most trusted and respected for her genuine caring and her heart-centered wisdom.

Michael A. DiMuccio – Nikken Royal Diamond Wellness Consultant

Julie is not only the consummate professional, she defines what anyone would want in a friend, leader or example to aspire to in network marketing. Success can be defined in many ways. Julie’s success is defined by her commitment to success through purpose and that approach creates not only someone you want to know, it creates lifelong success.

Douglas Braun – President, Nikken International (until 2011)


My friend Julie is such a powerful successful leader. Her inspiration and love has been so helpful to me personally as well as professionally. She lives what she teaches and believes. If you’ve ever had a friend that you just know would never lead you anywhere but in the right direction, that you can truly trust and that has your best interests at heart, than you know how I feel about my friend.

Gloria Offerle – Nikken Platinum Wellness Consultant

Julie has been a trusted mentor, coach, and friend for the past 8 years. She is a remarkable Leader and Visionary: generously sharing her wisdom, and in a very magical way, inspiring others to find their own truth. In every aspect, Julie embodies Love and Light.

Peg Desrochers – Nikken Gold Wellness Consultant

Probably everyone has at sometime searched for a good mentor or coach, a muse or someone that possibly could see in us something more than we might even see in ourselves. Julie Tara makes this kind of difference everyday with nearly everyone she meets. Get to know Julie and she will definitely raise your own life’s energy! I always seem to like me best when I’m with Julie!

Dave Johnson – Nikken Royal Ambassador Wellness Consultant

Julie Tara is a creative, tenacious, loving spirit who has been my best friend for over 20 years.
Her writing and poetry speak from a universal place and touch my soul.

Susan Fogg – Best friends

If one were to envison wisdom, magic, with unselfish love for other human beings in a small body…then that would be Julie Tara. There are many inspirational people out here that we hear about, read about, sometimes we are lucky enough to meet one on our life journey that takes a genuine interest in how we fare, reaching out if we want to have positive change in our lives. Here’s to luck and here’s to Julie!

Sudheen Patel – Nikken Silver Wellness Consultant

To any and all who might read this. Our dear friend, Julie Tara is an exceptional person. You could do no better in your life than to have Julie as a friend, and as a business partner. She is a Woman who makes a difference in the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. She’s a great Mother , Business person, writer, and above all, A Great Leader in the world. You will want to listen when this woman speaks.

Reid and Yvonne Nelson – Nikken Royal Diamond Wellness Consultant

We are so blessed to have Julie on our Nikken team. I first met Julie quite a few years back in Boulder, CO. After meeting her that first time I could feel the energy and love she had for life. Julie had just joined our Nikken team and told me she was going right to the top. The way she said it, I could feelĀ in my heart that we had a true leader. She is a joy to be with as she expels energy to anyone that is around her. It is a love of what she does that she shares with all of us.

Gordon and Jeanne – Williams Royal Diamonds