Ancient Memory

Ancient Memory


In a prolonged moment of chaos,
winds of dramatic change coursing through my world,
the only thing to do
is not cling to anything,
to let go and scream and cry
and laugh and moan
on the roller coaster ride.

I have a memory
oh so ancient
of One I love

And a vision so true
of the One
I do bow down to.

She comes in moments of turbulence,
in moments of sleep,
in the silent snowfall,
in the thunderous autumn reds and golds.

She comes in speed and in rest,
in joy and in grief.
She is ephemeral
yet solid as the earth,
She is clear and opaque,
loves me
and lets me dance free.

I remember Her
and desire to see Her face
I am lost and found
in Her gaze.

I howl in the rain for Her,
dive with the dolphins
to find Her,
make love with a true man
~ the pure mate ~
to draw Her in.

She is my anchor and my liberator,
my Earth and Star.
I am in Her and of Her
And She plays my life
as a celestial symphony.

I am
to You Great Mother
Thank you for the Dance.


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