Each individual has a unique purpose. People only begin to fulfill their creative potential when they have a high degree of alignment in their lives ~ that is, when their pursuits and conscious goals are in line with their own purpose.

The most fundamental definition of personal power is having the capacity to realize one’s purpose. Personal vision is the key to unlocking its power. Vision is a picture of the future that one wants to create. Vision is the vehicle for bringing purpose into the realm of acts and commitments.

People who do remarkable things in their lives have a clear vision stemming from a deep and pervasive sense of purpose.

A second key promise regarding personal power is that what an individual holds in his consciousness tends to become real in the external world. The problem is that when when people are not in very deep touch with their personal purpose, they pursue objectives in conflict with it. This sets up an inner conflict that limits their power and forces them to become highly manipulative in trying to accomplish their objectives. This is why creative power is released when an individual aligns with his/her personal purpose.

A powerful reinforcing process develops for highly creative people as they become internally aligned. The results they create in their lives become more consistent with their personal purpose. This leads to deeper understanding of that purpose, clearer vision, more commitment to their vision, and in turn, to deeper alignment and creative capacity.

from Nikken’s Humans Being More Training

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