Out Of The Night

Out Of The Night


We the people ~

We will not stand for one more moment

of pain 

For one more example 

of injustice

For one more suffering child

in the silence.

We the people ~

Are here to vanquish the foe 

of ignorance

To overcome the enemy

of arrogance

To lead the way out of the night

into the beauty of day.

We the people ~

Choose to be the Chosen

Risk to let go of all

false perceptions

Delight in the falling 

of old petals of pain

to allow for new growth.

And we welcome

Welcome back into the homes

of our hearts

the One who never left us.

Victory is what we stand for

Peace is what we know to be true

Joy is our template of Being

Love the balm of our souls.

And it is all for you

All for you

It was always

All for you.


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