Miracles Do Happen!


Miracles Do Happen!


It is a rainy Sunday afternoon, reminding me so much of my home in the soft, lush English countryside. And. of course, like a true Brit, I’m sitting here with the proverbial cuppa! (Just don’t tell any other Brit that it’s good old Irish Barry’s Gold that I’m sipping though … )

There’s nothing like a cup of tea to calm the nerves, warm your feet, and nourish the cockles of your heart all in the twinkling of an eye. And nourishment is well sought for today. For on Friday I had quite the day of day and night of nights. Let me explain …

I woke excitedly before 6am to go to Mike Dooley’s “Playing the Matrix” workshop at the “I Can Do It” event in downtown Denver. On the way down a little voice warned me not to use my phone much, as I might need it later on that evening, “in case of an accident or something.” I did call my daughter, Corina, to suggest meeting up for dinner, as I was suddenly really missing her; but she let me know she was working that night and wouldn’t be able to connect. “Maybe Sunday in Boulder?” she had suggested.

The workshop was fabulous, and went on an hour later than scheduled. I then hung around to talk to Balboa Press about my book publishing date, and wondered whether to stay for Wayne Dyer’s keynote speech that evening. I decided not to, (which was kind of odd actually), but I just felt I shouldn’t stay longer, and so I left, calling Corina as I jumped in my car. I had just noticed she’d called again, but had left no message. Not uncommon. Her voice sounded strange as she answered, and immediately I knew all was not well in her world. No indeed. “I’m in the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s Hospital” she said without missing a beat; “I think I’ve broken my fingers.”

As miracles would have it I was less than ten minutes away. When am I ever in Denver? Hardly ever! So there I was by her side in a heartbeat, as she went through the necessary x-ray etc. No breaks. Yey! Relief and a light joy returned to us both, and our attention moved swiftly on to other things, like our rapidly increasing hunger pangs!

So off we went to eat dinner … it was getting late now, and yet there was a forty-five minute wait; but yes, it was vegetarian and good, so wait we did. A throbbing hand, a glass of vino, good old Udon to make us smile, and gratitude for no broken bones. It was delightful to spend such unexpected time with my darling youngest child. “Meant to be” I mused as I walked back to my car, still parked at the hospital.

Driving home late I was practicing “Playing the Matrix” in my mind and heart … imagining my life and my family all living wonderful, happy, creative, abundant lives. I was in a great place (even though the constant road work made driving in the dark ever more challenging) … kind of flying my way back to Boulder.

As I got nearer my home, a little after eleven, I saw lots of flashing lights: police cars, ambulances up ahead. I was nearing a crazy intersection where I’ve seen accidents before. I’ve never liked this spot at the best of times, and especially not at night, though it’s rare for me to be driving through there so late. I don’t usually ever look at accidents, as I’m so sensitive and get shocked easily; but this time, for some reason, I craned my head to see the smashed white car, clearly totaled, and a stretcher beside the road. I felt I wanted to stop, to possibly help, but restrained my inclination, thinking “I’d just be in their way.” So instead I said a prayer in my heart for all the angels to protect and heal the people involved, as I always do when I see an accident or hear the sirens as an ambulance hurls by.

I got home, noticing how cold it was and turned up the heat, even though I was planning on going straight to bed. It made no sense, and yet I felt impelled to warm my house.  I immediately began charging my phone, which was close to running out of juice, and texted my son about connecting the next day. Almost an instant later he called … unusual for so late at night. His voice sounded strange and immediately I knew all was not well in his world. 

“I’ve been in a car accident” he stated flatly “Anita and I are ok … Can you come and get us?” He trailed off. His voice is soft and sweet at the best of times; now it was like a will o’ the wisp, a shadow amidst the blinking lights that I started seeing once again, now in my mind. “Where?” I asked as I felt the blood draining from my face. All I could see were those endless flashing lights.

Oh. No. I rushed to the car, and in an instant time warp I was there. I don’t remember crossing the distance. I was just there. So many policeman, so many paramedics. “My son?” I stammered “Where is the young man and his girlfriend?” I was quickly ushered into one of the ambulances and there they were. Quiet, still, deeply shaken. Somehow untouched on the outside, but clearly powerfully touched on the inside.

How did they walk away from that white wreck of a car where all the windows were totally smashed in, and the doors and side too. A car that had been hurled upside down and back up again, like a tumbleweed in a violent wind. How was that possible? 

I say it’s a miracle. An absolute flipping miracle. And all there is to do now is to tend to these ultra precious humans in the best ways I can think of, and to bow my heart in complete and utter gratitude to Life, to Love, to the very Light itself that nurtures, nourishes, and protects us all. 

You never know whom you might be praying for … it might be your very own beloved child. Or someone else’s. Does it matter? Aren’t we all one family anyway? Really? 

To all living beings on this planet I say: Believe in miracles, because they do happen! For every day the sun comes up, and every night the moon rises and the stars sparkle in an infinite sky. And every day there is life to love and be loved by. We are blessed and we most certainly have the power to bless … Let’s never stop.



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