Liquid Light – Cultivating Our Radiant Life-Force

Liquid Light – Cultivating Our Radiant Life-Force

The other evening I was dancing my heart out at an open air rock concert. The band was stellar, the air fresh, the crowd wildly inspired ~ and dancing was the name of the game. There was a moment when I felt transported into another realm of total ecstasy, a place of pure delight, as my body took on a life of its own, with no thought preceding its moves. An inner smile shot through every vibrating cell and I remembered suddenly why I had chosen my first career with such conviction – to become a professional ballerina – at the tender age of 9. It was the joy of being a spirit, made of liquid light, and experiencing myself as a corporeal form, as a human body. The thrill of it, to be able to flow my unlimited life-force into movement. The more accurately I could embody and translate the translucent light of my true being into this much denser form made up of muscle, blood, bone, nerves and all, the more exquisite I felt. The expression of true joy that I simply couldn’t seem to find anywhere else.

Leaving home at 10 to join the Royal Ballet School was such a great adventure on this quest of experiencing and demonstrating spirit through matter, that I didn’t think twice about leaving my family. I was completely ready, willing and able. Little did I know of the grueling journey, the brutality of the training methods, the unbelievable discipline, the steeling of nerves I would have to cultivate, to become the wildly free, yet refined, dancer I knew I was innately. The Goddess Shakti had taken up residence in my life by the time I was about 3 years old, and how She loved to create worlds through the whirling and twirlings of my body! Still does to this day in fact.

After a successful career in ballet I decided, for a variety of reasons, to dive into the study and practice of natural medicine via the teachings of Macrobiotics, Shiatsu, Energy Healing, etc. It’s actually fascinating how many dancers go into the varying fields of natural medicine! I have been deeply involved in this for over 40 years now, and dearly love my profession. What I learned, and now teach, is that there are many ways to cultivate our liquid light, life-force energy field. As we do this we strengthen not only the physical health of our corporeal bodies, but the peaceful modulations of our minds and emotions, our creative capacities, and our spiritual growth. We raise our consciousness without a doubt. The benefits are truly amazing and never cease to impress me.

The simple act of shifting one’s diet to eating an organic, whole foods, plant based diet can have marvelous effects on the levels of vitality we can experience, even as we get older. Through this common sense approach to food, our life-force gains in power and fortitude, supporting us in experiencing radiant health, versus succumbing to an accelerated erosion of the body, mind and spirit. This is good news! At the age of 65 now, I have not needed doctors or any medications for these 40 years, other than to birth my children, and for a short period of time when I suffered from migraines. These were due to a heightened histamine response to certain foods. Once I figured out and eliminated the cause (primarily tamari in my case), the problem stopped. I am more than grateful to be able to go on long hikes, exercise 6 days a week, eat a balanced diet, and enjoy being a highly curious, creative person with a strong body, an active mind and a rich emotional life.

Conversely, poor quality food and drink without any inherent vibrant life-force will diminish our life-force accordingly. As will the mindless overuse of harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, and most especially many pharmaceutical drugs. All of these create a darkening, diminishing, dampening effect on our light body. You see it. I see it. And though I would never suggest we stop having fun with some of these things, I would suggest we need to be mindful and keep all that in check. To use these things. with moderation, if not abstaining completely from one or another, or possibly all.

Another simple act to support the energy body is to minimize the use of electronics, and to turn the wifi off every night while you sleep. Studies show conclusively that our life-force suffers on all levels (physical weakness, mental and emotional instability, and spiritual disconnection) when we are surrounded by these antithetical frequencies 24/7. They are not the frequencies that empower us unfortunately. Of course we all use electronic devices such as our phones and computers, but there are many things we don’t really need to use, for example: electric cookers, microwaves, electric hair dryers, electric blankets and heating pads, electric toothbrushes… on and on it goes! The healthiest way to cook is on a natural fire, then on a gas stove (far more convenient I know!) And there are other ways to help our bodies feel better, without the negative fallout of electric blankets and heating pads. For instance replacing the harmful frequencies with nature’s life giving vibrations can turn our health around in no time, or fortify it if we’re already healthy.

What are these life giving frequencies that we are designed to connect with and flourish in? Firstly, we do not exist separately from the natural world. Far from it. We are intricately, intimately connected with and to nature. So much so that we actually ARE nature! There is no true separation on the energetic level. It only appears so when we look at our physical structure in comparison to a tree, river or tiger for example. Although actually under a microscope we may be far more like these examples than we may have ever thought! Asian medicine speaks to these connections beautifully… the whole body/mind/spirit is compared to nature’s mountains, lakes, rivers, flora and fauna. It’s so poetic it takes your breath away. They have not forgotten the intricate oneness that we are all a part of. And they diagnose and then support the natural healing of the person accordingly.

One key frequency to avail ourselves of as much as possible is Mother Earth’s magnetic field. This is an essential nutrient for all life forms on this planet. In fact we cannot live without it for more than about 10 days! This is why the first astronauts that voyaged into space got so very sick upon their return. They had left the crucial nurturing influence of the earth’s magnetism. Now their spacecrafts are fully equipped with this specific magnetic frequency to keep them healthy as they travel so far from home. We receive this field naturally when we’re outside in natural habitats, but are disconnected from it when inside buildings due to cement foundations and extensive electrical wiring throughout the walls. High rise apartments are another compounding factor. The higher we are the further away we are from the magnetic field. So much for paying through the roof for the highly coveted penthouse suites!

However we can find ways to bring this natural magnetic field into our own homes, offices, and even place it on our bodies, so we are continually connected to this life-giving field as we walk through life. It is astounding how we suddenly find that we’re more alert than ever, and have more energy, strength and vibrancy than before. It’s equally amazing how persistent aches and troublesome body issues just seem to drop away as we support our energy field this way. This is the power of epigenetics…. our energy, and subsequently internal body functions, adjusts according to the environment we’re in. This is such a powerful and important concept discovered in Cambridge, England by Conrad Waddington in 1942. It has now been currently revisited and reawakened in the public eye by the well known cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Other critical frequencies to empower our light body are the Sun’s natural far-infrared waves, that give us tremendous health promoting properties. Clean, clear fresh air filled with wondrous negative ions creates a vibrant, happy, calm spirit, mind and emotional stability, along with powerful health for the physical body. Unfortunately our modern lifestyle produces many positive ions as an unintentional side effect. Such things as computers, heating and air conditioning systems and the interiors of our modern computerized cars all create massive amounts of positive ions that make us tired, weak, depressed, unfocused. Thankfully it is not too difficult to alter this situation, with air purifiers designed to not only clean the air but generate profuse amounts of negative ions. The results are amazingly fast and very palpable. Abundant energy becomes quickly available to us, transforming us on every level.

Then of course there’s the immense power of healthy water. Micro-structured, hexagonal shaped water to be exact. We are made up of 70% – 90% water, and we need to constantly replenish our supply with this right kind of high frequency water, the way nature intended. This alone can fortify the light body so that our energy showers the world with our radiance. Others will see and feel it. And so will you! Quickly.

So we have earth, air, fire and water frequencies, along with healthy organic foods and drinks, that are made up of all these elements. These are the basics we absolutely need to empower our liquid light field.

In order to maintain this light force, especially as we get older, is to understand that we also need to cultivate healthy practices, such as a reasonably consistent meditation or prayer practice. Also to find the right exercise that works for us – for the body/mind/spirit is designed to move on a daily basis! The quality and quantity of exercise may change over time, but the best practices include walking, hiking or other types of exercise outside in nature, such as climbing, snowboarding, skiing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Then of course we have practices such as all styles of dancing, yoga, pilates, weight training, high intensity aerobics, tennis, chi-kung, t’ai chi etc. Find the ones that work for you, and do change it up periodically as our soul relishes in the various joys of movement, not just repetitive practices over and over.

There is no doubt that doing work we love, with the natural fire of our passion is an essential ingredient for true vibrancy. Following our bliss and feeling empowered in our life work is one of the greatest ways to empower our light body. We feel deeply inspired and that’s a beautiful thing! A huge aspect of doing what we truly love is that it calls us into the present moment with full focus. This is a key to becoming radiant. Living in the past or the future dulls and darkens our light, but living completely and utterly in the present moment allows our pure light to blossom into the showering never ending love that we are.

The same goes for loving relationships, whether with our primary love, our children, our closest friends and/or our true community of like-minded beings. These bondings cannot ever be underestimated in their healing powers. It’s a marvelous thing that we can cultivate these precious relationships over the years, as we all need the deep sense of belonging that this gives us. We do not do well without them, even if we may go through some hermit like times during various life cycles. We need each other. “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world” goes the song. Perhaps it’s better that we don’t “need” others, as this can make us easily fall into co-dependency. This erodes our liquid light force over time, until we even wonder who we are anymore. Our potency is drained from us, drip by surreptitious drip, with the ultimate consequence that neither person in the relationship is happy any longer.

However we can certainly form far more conscious, powerful interdependent relationships that foster mutual empowerment and joy. Our life-force gains strength through these high quality connections. Especially if we feel a tremendous love and trust for our partner, and enjoy a passionate sex life with them. This is one of the greatest ways to replenish and expand our energy field… it’s why we glow so brightly when we fall in love, and after a wonderful session of lovemaking. Orgasmic bliss that opens the heart and all the chakras to divine love and ecstasy is one of the greatest ways we recharge our liquid light. Not only is it supremely healing for us and our lovers but the loving energy that is explosively released has an enormous ripple effect that reaches out to the ends of the earth, healing us all. Perhaps it even ripples out to the furthest reaches of our multiverse. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if that weren’t the case.

The magnificent power of music feeds us on so many levels. I cannot imagine a world without music. Rhythm, harmony and counterpoint are essential to remind us of the truth of our wondrous experience and privilege of life. It moves our souls like nothing else. Music is our universal language, therefore we are united through it in the most palpable of ways. Oh and don’t forget to sing! Whether you think you can sing or not, everyone can sing. Just like everyone can dance. The vibrations you create as you sing are tremendously healing and nourish our liquid light in a most wonderful way. Find the kind of music you love the most and let it wash your energy field clean and renew it once more. It is the language all humans understand innately. It is the language of our souls.

Of course colour and form through all the myriad forms of art and sculpture are equally nourishing to us. Draw, paint, make furniture, throw pots, create quilts and clothing. Do the thing that naturally calls out to you. For fun, for a living, whatever works. The passion you bring to bear through your creative endeavors will inevitably nourish your rainbow light body in the most exquisite of ways.

What would we do without these marvelous varying art forms, not to mention poetry and other forms of the written and spoken word. The words we speak should ideally be forever mindful, because they create form, create reality, just as music does. They are a form of music in fact. So aim to speak high vibrational words full of gratitude, love, joy, faith and kindness when possible. Even in the depths of sorrow and despair we can search for the tender healing words that do no harm.

Never ever underestimate the power of our collective creativity to inspire and bolster your light force. Be ever mindful what you bring into your energetic sphere, and how you play with that energy. My hope is that the energies you draw close will help to alleviate your human suffering in some way or another. And uplift your spirit. Your life-force will grow in radiance, you will see. I encourage you to shine on, you crazy diamond, shine on! For in your authentic radiant beauty you are a gift not only to yourself, but to the world. And as we cultivate our rainbow light bodies individually, we will collectively make that quantum leap we can feel calling to us from deep within. It is then that we will make the momentous shift from being homo sapiens to becoming homo luminous. And that my friends is why this is such a glorious time to be alive. Enjoy this most precious journey of a lifetime. And just know, we’re in this together. Every single one of us. And that’s good. Very very good.


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