I feel the presence of you
behind my eyes,
pressing on my forehead,
knocking patiently
at the temple gates
for me to open
and let you flood the room
with your graciousness.

my heart feels the pumping
of your wingtips,
rolling me out
like so much clay,
teasing the fabric
of my resistance,
stretching the arc
of my knowing.

In the midst
of all the blood,
beating breath,
strangled muscle,
nerves dancing
on fear’s tentacles,
there you are – yet –
as powerful
as the day of creation,
blissful as tomorrow’s dawn.

In awe
I find you
within and without.
And my skin,
that bridging point,
holds your angelic essence
in every pore;
with the promise of oneness,
as we spiral on
in never- ending embrace.


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