Kiss The Earth

Kiss The Earth


Kiss the Earth
and know her longing for your happiness.
Tell her you love her
and witness the faeries beam.
Wash her stones with your tears of surrender
and feel her raindrops of forgiveness
on your back.
Let her hear your lament ~
Allow her to bring you remembrance.

For she is your mother, your lover, your dancing partner 

She is the one whose mountains you’ve wandered:
breasts of the Goddess,
Whose rivers and oceans you’ve drunk deeply from:
blood of her veins.
On whose plains you’ve grown grain for millions:
source of infinite nourishment.

though you may desecrate her
She is always all compassionate.
The ubiquitous flow of blessing
bubbles forth from the hidden springs
beneath her cloak.
She is the womb of potentiality,
bringing forth life,
gracefully receiving death.

She is the one you cannot offend ~
though she may shake you from her lap.
She is the one who whispers to you
in your infinite dreaming.

for Gaia is calling 
Calling her people 
Calling for us to bring through the light,
send roots into her belly,
and lift Her with us
into the higher chord
of the cosmic song.


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