It doesn’t interest me 

if you want to be my mate.

What I want to know

is do you hunger?

Do you long for the taste

of sweet peach nectar

mixed with the wild ocean breeze

of she who is yours?

Do you miss the slow waltz

where two firm bodies melt

into the restrained furnace 

of their desire?

Do you howl 

for the mistress of mystery

lost so very long ago?

What I want to know 

is will you draw your silver sword

to fight valiantly

for the divine separation 

and divine union

of earth and sky,

moon and sun,

man and woman?

Will you beat the drums

to match the thunderous beat

in your lover’s breast?

And fire the arrow

without hesitation 

to find its home

in the one who is true north,

who is the One?

What I want to know

is will you willingly nestle,

your leg thrown gently 

over the sand dunes of her body,

as you both lie complete

encircled in golden stars?

Will you surrender graciously

the boundaries,

so carefully built,

within the deep recesses

of your magnificent heart?

Will you gladly

join your flame with hers

to sing the songs of becoming?

It doesn’t interest me 

if you choose me or not.

What I want to know

is will you allow

Love to choose?

And let it be the crucible

in which to explore


for the rest of our days?


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