If I Were A Tree

If I Were A Tree


If I were a tree
I would sing my branches
all the way to the sun’s glory,
And explore the furthest reaches
of my hidden roots
into the moist welcoming
of the earth,
to find my sisters and brothers
in the depths of things.

I would unfurl my new leaves
in unconditional trust of Spring,
And explode with full power
into ecstasy
in the height of Summer’s sweep.

I would turn lovingly
into my golden days
in the sharp awareness
of Autumn relief,
And surrender my mantle
without protest
in Winter’s stillness.


In the dark silence
of night’s mystery,
under the moon’s graceful gaze,
I would bow my head low
and my heart even lower,
And weep unabashedly
into my mother’s holding arms,
For the untimely deaths
of my own sweet family
lost to the errant unconsciousness
of humankind.


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