I died when … I lived when …

It was just this little exercise I did one day recently …

I listed all the times in my life when something really challenging had happened and I felt like part of me died right then and there.

There were a lot of times ~ phew! I was surprised to find that I was still alive!

So then I listed all the times in my life when something really wondrous had occurred and I felt my soul soar and I lived, revivified.

Well, there were  many many of those times also ~ phew! I was surprised to find I had not ascended in bliss and was still here!

And then this awareness dawned on me and I wrote a little:

The truth is I choose

whether to live

or to die

in any given moment!

The responsibility

of that is enormous to me

and to the world

(if my presence

makes a difference

that is)

To shine like the sun

or eclipse myself

out of life’s vicissitudes,

to choose love

or darkness …

My greatest choice

is to choose to be me ~

To love God and myself

before any other thing,

To side on the side of Life

and not fall into the ravine,

To choose to be Happy

no matter what,

To choose Creativity

even if I don’t know

what or how,

To choose Love

even if I don’t know

who or when

or where,

To choose Truth

even when I’m deathly afraid.

I must be in

some kind of free fall,

some kind of archetypal


the only thing I know

is that the Phoenix

does exist

and that’s all

I need

to know

to take one more



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