The Gift of My Heart

The Gift of My Heart


When I gave you my heart

I cannot say it was a choice ~

For it was whooshed out of me 

by an Almighty Power

not of my knowing

and planted firmly

in the garden of your soul.

I have wandered there

passionate and lithe,

gentle and wild,

as the tiger who has found

her true hunting ground

and searches for her mate.

I have flown around your trees,

over your mountains 

and across your meadows

as the lark,

singing ecstasy

as she’s lifted into paradise

and is now free.

I have leapt in your deep

yet warm waters

as the dolphin

~ all speed and grace ~


in the knowing

that ascension is a given


in the magical liquid

of life and love

where she belongs.

The beat of my heart

in your garden

is strong and steady

as the drumbeat of the Earth.

It is patient, ready and unfaltering.

It is given to you freely

by the hand of God.

The Sun cannot set

on a true heart

but rises eternal.


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