I Am The One

I Am The One 


I know it is hard

for one to see another,

so here is a moment of held breath in time

~ a brief yawn in space ~

to tell you

this is who I am.


I am the the One standing in center 

of all the waters of the world;

out of my mouth spill the stars

of the infinite night sky;

the tiger who leaps and curls and roars

in the forest

~ yes, this ~

and the tiny Forget-Me-Not

who opens willingly to the sun’s morning kisses.


I am born from a single pearl

of my mother’s necklace,

nursed at the eternal milky way of her being.

The fiery center of the earth 

is but the passion in my heart,

and my roots move deeper

than the darkest storm.


My hair snakes across landscapes 

as rivers and streams and brooks,

glistening in the moonlight;

and my limbs dance

as the swaying of the willow 

in the wind’s luxurious embrace.


The golden glow of candles 

at early morning mass

is the burning light of my eyes

that witness all dreamer’s dreams;

and in liquid surrender

I slip with ease out of my old skin

and birth again to coil around lovers

in the long spring grass.


The most innocent of children am I.

Laughter and joy are my names;

and the wise old woman 

rocking in her chair at twilight.

She who peels the veils gently back

so we glimpse those other realms.


She, I am.


On the whale’s back I ride

whilst singing from the deep cave

within my belly, where Bear lives,

singing the songs of becoming,

weaving worlds in the sea foam

with my fingers.


The soft rains are the tears 

of my suffering,

and the rainbows my radiant arcs

of hope and love. 


All things are within me

and I am in all things;

and beyond the veil 

I am simply a pulse,

a heat-throb,

a drumbeat.


Any beyond that I am light;

and beyond that I am dark

and emptiness. 


© Julie Tara 

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