Thriving in an Uncertain World!


    Thriving in an Uncertain World!

How to stay healthy in a world thrown into wild uncertainty over this last year or so? There are so many strongly held opinions so readily available at every turn. How to make sense of them all? How to sort through the variances with a critical, intelligent mind? What and who to trust? What and how to implement key factors into one’s healthy habits? And why would I add to all that noise?! Well, only because I’ve spent the last 40 years or so passionately exploring the realms of true health, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. And I am eager to share with you the power of what I’ve learned about true self-care.

It is obvious to pretty much everyone nowadays that we definitely need to take much more responsibility for our own health. I think that is as it should be. It is increasingly obvious that it’s not necessarily a good idea to turn that responsibility over to others, even, or especially perhaps, to the current medical establishment. Unless of course we need urgent care for a broken bone, acute appendicitis or such, in which case there’s nowhere better to be than your closest allopathic hospital! The truth is we need different types of health care, for different life situations. And the relatively young genre of allopathy definitely has its place. No doubt about that. It has a certain common sense that should never be denied.

But to stay strong, vibrant, and fortified against unwanted “foreign invaders” on a daily basis? That’s a totally different issue. That involves really getting clear on what a human being needs to thrive day to day, and how to appreciate the dance of life within, as without, our bodies. We are Nature after all. Not separate from Nature, or even simply dependent on Nature. No, we actually ARE Nature. Part of the symphony of life. Yet we seem determined to disenfranchise ourselves from this truth, believing we are separate. Well, the ego buys that lie, but the soul never would. Our inner being knows well that it is an integral part of the whole, no question.

Here’s an example of the interconnectedness of our lives with other living things in our world, regarding our microbiome. We have approximately 10 trillion cells in the human body, and the rich biodiversity of our microbiome consists of parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Within this teeming life, at any given time we have approximately 500 trillion viruses living within us! This is called the “virome” and is a completely normal and natural part of life! There are also approximately 100 trillion strains of bacteria in our bodies, and these work to keep the viruses under control. Wow! Who knew? Microbiologists know. Viruses actually don’t want to kill their hosts (us) at all, because they want to live in our bio world for as long as possible. Yet, when a strong new strain of virus shows up it doesn’t yet know how to dance with our bodies elegantly, so it can unwittingly overpower us, in its zealous desire to live; especially if the body is weak, and lacking a strong immune system. Thus the virus can accidentally cause the death of the body. Viruses take some time to modify, so they can learn to live in us and on us, and thrive, without extinguishing our life.

The key to protecting our health is not to “bomb” every other interdependent living thing, whether bacteria, parasites,  fungi or the internal virome, that resides within us. If we do this we will only start to unravel the entire web of life, including ourselves, leaving us ever more vulnerable to the next wave of new variants. It’s an unhealthy way to view the ecosystem and only leads to weakness and ultimately sicknesses that are harder and harder to rectify. The answer is to understand what we actually need to do to stay super strong, and able to effortlessly withstand the continual onslaught of new life possibilities that see us as their hosts. To be able to stay in balance, and dance the dance with grace and style. When we are in radiant health then those others that live within us no longer pose a threat to our wellbeing. Simple. Elegant. So how do we find radiance day after day?

The answer is disarmingly simple really. Some things you’ll know well, others probably not so much. The obvious keys to health are (in order of generally agreed upon importance): Good quality and quantity of Sleep. Daily Exercise to suit your body, preferably in Nature (it is designed to move after all!) A healthy, ideally organic, whole grain, plant based Diet. (Yes, there are a million opinions about what kind of diet is optimum for sure; but throughout all my studies I’ve seen the best and most consistent results longterm with this focus.) Meditation to connect with the deep inner self (and the heart of the cosmos). Then there’s great, mutually supportive personal and familial relationships. And hopefully also wonderful, creative work for healthy, inspiring remuneration.

So what else would we be needing? Some critical things we definitely don’t put much attention on, perhaps because we don’t know these things are absolutely essential for our life, or perhaps because we forgot, or perhaps because, again, we don’t wish to realize how incredibly interdependent we are with all of Nature that surrounds us. The ecosphere. The biosphere. Our organic habitat that we should naturally thrive in.

When you think of the basic elements of life on this planet, Gaia, what immediately comes to mind? The obvious four elements are earth, air, fire and water. The fifth less common for us to think of is “ether”, which is also known as quintessence, prana, chi, ki, or life-force. Why are they important to us and where do they come from? Clearly the Earth herself gives us bounty galore. We cannot live without her good food derived from plants: vegetables, grains, seeds and fruits primarily. Plus we can choose animal food if we feel we need that kind of energy source. We cannot live without food beyond 3 weeks – 2 months. Then there is Air… the beautiful symbiosis between trees, plants, algae giving out oxygen and us gratefully receiving that and giving back carbon dioxide to nourish their life also. A brilliant plan! We cannot live without air for more than about 3 minutes. It’s essential to our lives.

Fire comes thankfully from the sun to nourish us with warmth, and the light that contains so much rich information in it for every cell of our bodies, for our continuing wellbeing. We certainly would not survive without sunlight, though the time projection can vary widely. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out! Then of course there is Water… healthy, alkaline, mineralized water that we can easily digest and metabolize. We are, after all, made up of 70% – 90% water, depending what part of the body we’re referring to. We cannot live without water for more than about 3 -4 days. Again, a critical component of our health. But what about the fifth element? This is one we don’t refer to often, and yet we cannot live without it… it is the Earth’s magnetic field that emanates from and surrounds our planet, within which all life thrives. And we cannot live for more than 2 weeks without it!

The first Russian astronauts that went into space were unexpectedly weakened by being outside the influence of this wondrous geomagnetic field protection and nourishment. They got very sick upon return with fatigue, low functioning immune systems, bone density loss, and chronic muscle atrophy. The lesson was quickly learned and rectified, as the space programs started adding machines to simulate the geomagnetic field frequency inside the space capsules and the spacesuits, so that the astronauts were never again endangered by being disconnected from this essential life giving forcefield. May the Force be with you, right?! Yes, indeed.

But now in our modern world, we have effectively diminished our connection to Mother Nature radically through many things like wearing rubber soled shoes that block the earth’s field, or walking on asphalt, that the field cannot easily penetrate. Also by living in homes and offices with cement foundations that block the field, electrical wiring throughout, that disturb the field, and high rise buildings that are further away from the field. Also, we are now surrounded by EMF frequencies that are shown to have severe adverse effects on our biology. especially with children. 4G, then 5G, and now even 6G being laid down in grids across our countries is not a healthy thing, even if it is convenient and “faster” (like our brains need “faster”, really?!)

The upshot of all this is that we absolutely have to find ways to bring Nature inside our homes, our schools, our universities, our malls, our restaurants our airplanes etc. in order to really thrive. To bring in healthy air, healthy water, healthy light, and healthy magnetic fields. It makes sense doesn’t it, intuitively it just feels right. But scientifically it is correct also. Our left brain critical thinking needs to understand this, even though we will feel the difference instinctively very very quickly.

Luckily there are futuristic companies that have the wellbeing of the world’s inhabitants as their #1 commitment. I have worked with one of these, a Japanese company called Nikken (an acronym for “Japanese Health”), that has been way ahead of its time, since its inception in 1975. Having studied the Macrobiotic Way of Life already for many years, this additional Japanese approach to life made total sense to me. I had marvelously positive effects myself with using the magnetic fields for a 20 year old back injury (from a tough career as a professional ballerina). The products are safe, non-invasive, with no side effects. They are really easy to integrate into a busy life, and also very cost effective. Consequently I have been avidly sharing the good news of these life enhancing technologies to counteract our Nature deficient lifestyles for over 26 years. I have seen remarkable miracles again and again by bringing Nature into the home… far too many to speak of here. Perhaps I’ll write about some of these stories in another blog, or two, or three… But in the meantime, please feel free to connect with me to learn more, or go to to explore their marvelous offerings.

Take care of your health! You are the best guardian of it for sure. Don’t give this valuable responsibility to anyone else. Be a critical thinker, do your thorough research, and make deeply informed decisions. Especially if you’re responsible for young children who rely on you to protect and nourish them the best way you know how. Please. Your thriving life and radiant wellbeing, and perhaps your family’s, depends on it!


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