Homage to Tara

Homage to Tara


In the stillness of Savasana

I pray to the One I love

deeply with all sweetness

in quiet, luscious surrender

at the end of the final stretch.

Dropping into the breath

of centuries

the light of Her stars

tumbling all around 

my silent frame.

Hours seem to roll on by

as one by one

my fellow travellers

leave the yoga pod,

leave me resting there

upon the solid floor

to float

timeless with Her.

Circling into the softness

of my foetal self

I rest in Her infinite womb,

soothed by the heartbeat

of the Universe …

my Mother’s own eternal drum.

And only when ready to birth again

I rise like liquid moonlight

into the lotus flower

of my own creation;

Her delicate perfume

known to me

one more time.

Little hands,

mostly so busy 

with day’s demands,

cleave together motionless

in silent reverie,

feeling the rhythmic beat 

in my own breast.

Eyes, always so active,

watching worlds come and go

now closed peacefully


the Inner Eye




I see

in the reflection

of the pool of bliss

the merging

of Tara and me

in one swift moment

of illumination.

A thousand arms 

springing forth from Life ~

A thousand eyes

spreading radiant Light ~

One boundless heart

birthing Love

forever and a day.



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