Hermes – you have kissed this soul

with a love of the distant reach,

placed your winged sandals

upon his feet at birth,

and thrust the whispering winds

to ride beneath his breath,

lest he forget the constancy

of his true nature.

You have placed in his mind

the musical play of sun and shadow,

the speed of wit,

the joy of divine intent;

and in his heart

a blue flame

for the unknown,

the unexplored,

the unadulterated.

So finely tuned

his will for life

births a fierce tenacity

seldom witnessed in this world;

the burn for adventure

rising there,

almost more than his body

can bear –

beautiful and refined as it is.

Mountains and deserts

calling, calling –

“Movement, challenge, freedom,”

he cries;

a restless spirit

in a fast-paced universe

of his own design.

the beckoning of far away dreams

you, Hermes, have placed

mercilessly, lovingly, in his soul.

And the still point

one might call home?

The place of belonging?

Only he can know.



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