Heart Of Nikken

Heart Of Nikken 

   It’s not so long ago that so many Collaborative Entrepreneurs from around the world gathered in Orlando, Florida, to celebrate Nikken’s 40th Birthday Party altogether.  It is wonderful to realize that this Billion Dollar Active Wellness Company has enjoyed so much success during these many years because of the wondrous nature technologies it gives the world, the incredible choice it gives us all to build a worldwide business, and the superb caliber of human beings who take the message of Prevention and Active Wellness to the four corners of the earth!

    julie-taraHonouring the past is a deeply respectful ritual to engage in; yet we are not resting there, but are already on our way to impacting more lives than ever with Nikken 2.0, under the inspired leadership of CEO, Kurt Fulle, and President, Ben Woodward!   Bringing the concept, and potential reality, of Humans Being More through the fulfillment of the Five Pillars of Health excites my mind and fires up the flaming spirit within my heart for the great work ahead!  To be a part of such a cause, alleviating suffering and uplifting the human spirit, is truly my mission in this world.

    I must say that receiving the Heart of Nikken Award on our second day of celebration was such a total surprise!  It was a powerful honour to experience all the flowing waves of love present, because I knew it was the Great Spirit within all of us that we were truly celebrating, not the little i.  Ill prepared to speak, as the feelings were really overwhelming, I was so grateful when the image of the Rainbow of Blessing surfaced within, and I heard my mother’s voice singing from the spirit world …

 Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true …

    What are the dreams we dream?  I know that as a child, witnessing my mum suffering so much, I simply wanted to help her feel better and be happy, and to help the world be a happy, loving, peaceful place. I grew up wanting to discover the cure for terminal illness, save the earth, the wildlife, and to dance for joy, write my visions, celebrate beauty and help us all to thrive.

    So when I found Nikken and heard our founder, Mr Masuda, speak of loving and honouring one another, and creating a healed, peaceful world through the vehicle of Nikken, I knew I’d found the right tribe to hold my heart, so that I could give all I have with abandon, to serve to my utmost capacity. I could feel this man’s heart so palpably, how he loved God and all of creation with such a pure, simple, yet immense passion. He inspired me with his light, his blessing and his creation to give life all I’ve got.

    We all carry the torch that was brightly lit in Mr Masuda. The heart of Nikken resides within each and every one of us, just as Mother/Father God lives in each of our hearts and we too live in the grand heart of the Divine: that’s home. That’s where I wish to live for eternity. It’s all about helping remind each other of the ultimate beauty of the sacred, of the mystery of the delightful web of life, of the truth that we are all connected in that sacred flame, never to forget the love from which we spring. And that Nature too is sacred, that we live in concert with the music of the spheres, and need to love, respect and live within the laws of the Universe.

    It is a privilege to be a servant leader. I pray every day to be shown the way to serve more fully, as I am passionately in love with the Divine Architect and all of creation. May we live gently, mindfully, kindly upon this earth with each other … let us love deeply, forgive tenderly, nourish and kindle the flame that burns so fiercely in our hearts: the ultimate gift from the Beloved who cherishes us beyond time and space, forever.




  1. Dear Julie, thank you for these amazing words of wisdom. I deeply feel honored to move forward together with such a wholehearted and love radiating human being, like You on the way of humans being more based on the five pillars of health. Namaste, Johannes.

    • Thank you so much dear Johannes! We have much work to do to help our world, and much to be grateful for with Nikken in the process of doing so! Namasté, Julie

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