For all the daughters of the Divine …

Sweet One ~

Do not be afraid, for I am with you for always and forever. Whether you remember Me or not, I watch over you as the sun watches over the beautiful flowers upon the earth. And even though the rain falls at times, and sometimes a big storm blows over your life, never am I not your guardian. 
I am your mother and your father, your sister and your brother. And your eternal best friend. I am as close to you as your next breath. The velvet night sky am I, to you my shining star. I am your true beloved, and pour My love over you continually from well before the time of your birth, throughout your life, and far beyond. 
Do not be afraid ~ listen to My voice within your heart. You cannot fail, for you are my precious daughter, and I do bestow upon you all the gifts of heaven ~ so you may dance the dance of joy, light, love and truth. Allow My peacefulness to flow through your veins. Trust in Me. Be in your faith in Me. Let me guide you ~ I will not let you down. 
I am with you always in all ways my dearest one 

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