Fiery Peace

Fiery Peace


It is a fiery peace I feel within my heart
Not the placid, still feathers of fragility,
but a liquid storm of passion
brewing beneath my fingertips.

The taste of peace explodes
rich and juicy on my tongue,
salty and sweet
and even bitter
in the poor moments.
A big taste, a bold taste,
unabashed in its right to be here;
Staking its claim,
no longer hiding
in the brittle bushes
of yesterday.

The smoke reaches my nostrils
of all the untruths
burned ceremoniously
in the town centre,
the collective bones of old stories
piled in the market square.

It’s time to bury the fearful lies
manipulated by the imposter
we all know intimately,
the one we have refused to face
till now.

It’s time to sing
the songs of completion
as we bury the bones
and the hatchets too
outside the temple gates.


Welcome to the hearth
of the true flame
my friends;
the only peace
that is worthy of you and me
is the constant roaring of
pulsing in our blood.

Listen ~
for it sets us free
moment to moment.


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