Infinite Mind – The Science of Human Vibrations

“Infinite Mind – The Science of Human Vibrations” by Dr. Valerie Hunt


This is one of my favourite books ever and I’d like to share a passage with you here about the power of Electromagnetic Fields on the Human Energy System:

“We recorded the energy field of subjects in a Mu Room; a shielded room located in the Physics Department at UCLA. Using instruments inside the room, physicists could alter the quantities as well as the specific frequencies of the electromagnetic field. 

Subjects gave a continuing audio report of their personal experiences in the room. A dancer performed simple balance and dance movements, as well as hands-on healing of a subject.

The findings were amazing. When the electrical aspect of the atmosphere in the room was withdrawn, leaving less electrical energy, the auric fields being read became randomly disorganized, scattered and incoherent. Sensory feedback was so impaired that subjects were totally unaware of the location of their bodies in space.

The aura reader described the energy as no longer flowing, but rather as jumping between people and chakras. Inside the body, she saw energy flowing in an extensive mesh network, described as a fishnet energy flow that did not correspond with meridian pathways. We believed it was flowing through the connective tissue which binds cells together. The connective tissue is the extensive structure which holds the body parts and cells together and composes bone, hair, nails and skin by organizing cells into functional units. Without connective tissue, the body would be specialized protoplasm without unique shapes or functions. 

Connective tissue is also known to conduct electricity, although it is  unknown what that energy is. The aura reader exclaimed at how easy it was to see into the body when the auric cloud was absent in the depleted electrical environment of the Mu Room.

When the electromagnetism in the air was depleted, the only other electrical energy available for the subjects to interact with was the fields of other subjects in the room. As they drew upon one another’s fields, both fields were weakened. In this absence of an atmospheric source of electromagnetism, the interaction increased between their confused fields. At that stage general disorganization of both fields increased. The subjects burst into tears and sobbed, an experience unlike these people had ever endured. Although they reported that they were not sad, their bodies responded as though they were threatened, as they might be if the electromagnetic environment, which nourished them, was gone. Any sense of body boundary, the body image was absent, as though the field was searching for another electromagnetic field to which it could react.

When the electrical field of the room was increased beyond the usual level, the auric fields were restored to normalcy. The subject’s thinking became clear and they reported an expansion of their consciousness. Their auras became light in colour with increased white vibrations.

On the other hand, if the electrical aspect of the room environment remained normal but the magnetism was decreased, gross incoordination occurred. The entire neurological integrating mechanism was thrown off. Subjects could not balance their bodies; they had difficulty touching finger to nose or performing simple coordinated movements. They lost kinesthetic awareness. Contrariwise, when the magnetic field was increased beyond the normal state, subjects could stand easily on one foot, even on tiptoes, or lean to previously impossible angles without falling. Motor coordination had somehow improved. 

Apparently, the whole process of movement and coordination is related to interaction with the environmental electromagnetic field,  not only to gravity. A change in the field transaction profoundly affected sensory-motor capacities. These findings caused us to speculate about the possibility of training athletes and rehabilitating those with muscular disabilities in a strong magnetic energy field.

At this point, I would like to summarize what we had learned thus far. In a normal electromagnetic environment, the human field is nourished; physiological processes are carried out efficiently, and emotional experiences occur with clarity of thought. When the level of electromagnetism reached a critical saturation, there was evidence of improved motor performance, emotional well-being, excitement, and advanced states of consciousness. However, when the critical deficit was reached, motor, sensory and intellectual capabilities diminished with increased levels of anxiety and emotion. 

The literature states that external electromagnetic energy penetrates the body through acupuncture points and flows through the meridians into the whole field. We discovered that it also flows through the connective tissues. We concluded that the electromagnetic environment is a milieu in which life and physiological happenings occur. Apparently, for all systems to be a “go”, a rich electromagnetic field must be present. 

If further studies verify these findings, the implications are staggering. The Mu Room treatment of neuromuscular disturbances and degeneration such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig’s disease should hasten recovery. Likewise, emotional disturbances, sensory confusion and learning handicaps should improve. …. “

Wow! What wonderful findings! Thank you Dr Valerie Hunt for your amazing scientific explorations of what it takes to keep our energy fields nourished and thriving!

I hope you all enjoy these findings as much as I do …




  1. Great excerpt. That’s the difference we can feel when we spend too much time in a big box store versus when we are sitting on the beach or using our Nikken magnetic technologies. Thanks for posting!

  2. There are vastly different frequencies, and effects, between Electricity of 50 or 60 cycles per second, Alternating Current; and The Earth’s Schumann Resonance of 7.8 cycles per second, Direct Current. The outcomes for Life on our planet are very very different! One is deleterious and the other is life giving.

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