Everything is Energy

I am reading a book about Singing Bowls by Suren Shrestha … In it I read:

“Everything is energy.  How this energy behaves and what we call it depends on its rate of vibration and where we find it.  This vibration is inherent in all things, and therefore, in all energy.  The vibration may be at a very high frequency with relatively high energy, or it may be of a lower frequency with lower energy.

The term entropy refers to a degree of disorder.  It is used to indicate disorganized energy. … Things tend toward energy equilibrium, or a higher degree of order.  Using energy, we can locally decrease entropy, or increase the degree of order.  A body tends toward order, not disorder.  Trauma, or other pathology, might be looked at as a local area of increased entropy or disorder.  It takes a certain amount of energy of a more harmonic nature, a higher degree of order, to decrease the entropy and to make things better.  Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, sound therapy, and other modalities might be seen as decreasing the level of disorder in the body.  Adding harmonic, organizing energy helps in this process. … ”

This is exactly what the Universal harmonics of Nature do for us. Using the Earth’s magnetic frequency called The Schumann Resonance restores order and balance in the body quickly and efficiently. The same is true of using the harmonics of the Sun’s Far – Infrared Waves. Also the correct frequency of hexagonal, micro clustered, alkaline Water is crucial for health; as is the full spectrum light of natural Sunlight. The frequency of Negative Ion rich Air is also incredibly health restoring. These frequencies are vital for the ongoing health of all living systems on this planet.

These are many of the reasons I love helping others with the Japanese understanding of health reclamation through working with the company Nikken’s technologies. I see miracles virtually every day with health issues that nothing else seems to help. It is my honour and privilege to serve humanity in this way.


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