I am the joy of your soul’s desire,

the elixir that fills your cup

and overflows from the stillness

in your heart.

I am the rock that never waivers,

though your errant thoughts

may dance across the firmament

searching for home.

You are my beloved

through whom I touch the world

with a warm hand.

You are the one

in whom My love shines immortal,

never to be eclipsed

by shadows of illusion.

You are the child

of My creative burst

of sunlight, of moonshine,

of star illumination.


We are the heart

that never stops beating,

the peace that has no borders

the bliss of the infinite moment.

We are the wings of hope

that lift this world.


I am the love I seek in you

I am the peace I seek by you

I am the joy I seek with you


No more longing

No more emptiness

No more suffering

Only stillness

and the feeling of flight

Only freedom

and I’m finally home.



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