Cultivating Community On Your Journey

Sharing Your Personal Hero’s Journey

Isn’t life amazing? The magical mystery tour of our individual journey through this life is quite captivating to say the least! We grow and change and wonder: Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Each of us is on a Hero’s Journey, there’s no question about that. Isn’t it terrific when we’re doing well? Our compelling curiosity leads us fearlessly onwards, towards our next great adventure: scaling mountains, slaying dragons, finding the proverbial buried treasure. We love to share our heroic tales with others, when all is good. 

But then, what happens when things aren’t going so well, as in the times when we find ourselves stumbling through life without clear direction and making mistakes left, right and center? We don’t share these times with others so willingly do we? We keep our doubts and our seemingly abject failures to ourselves, not so sure that others would want to hear our stories of downfall. Our shyness and hesitancy is understandable – fear of judgement and subsequent rejection is a very real thing in our minds and hearts.

In our Nikken Wellness Community we are passionate about all the International Wellness Consultants and each person’s Hero’s Journey through life, including all the ups and downs, the inevitable cycles. We love hearing the variety of transformational moments, the unforgettable turning points in lives around the world. Many times we’ve heard that when you most need guidance, as every hero does, you found it through an honest, loving conversation with your upline, crossline or downline. All of us need guides on our quest, and collectively we are aiming to bring them to you through building our powerful community one person at a time. We strongly believe in empowering you to live your greatest life, through our vision of Humans Being More, our robust philosophy of the 5 Pillars of Health, our stellar Wellness Products and our collaborative Business Model. We dare to ask some of the big life questions, looking at how we can empower our world more fully; sharing amazing stories of awakening – including the apparent failures and triumphs – every single day.

Sharing is Compassion in Action

Are you sharing your own quest with those you know and love? Have you let people know your struggles, doubts, and breakthrough moments? Perhaps you’ve had your own transformational moment through a Nikken story, or maybe many such moments!? Don’t be shy to share your favourite Nikken stories, that have made a real difference in your life, with others – it may be exactly what they need to hear. This is a time of great change on our planet, something we all signed up for. People are unexpectedly struggling in many areas of life, relationships, work and income, personal health, family concerns. It’s time we all galvanize to help others have those very personal breakthroughs that they are asking for in no uncertain terms.

 You can share the wonders of Nikken by directly inviting your friends, family and loved ones to join our Nikken Wellness Community on Telegram and in our Facebook Group. Your friends will be so grateful you invited them to join you on this never-ending journey of true health. A vibrant, awakened community is a very precious place to belong.

We encourage you to share your Nikken stories. You may just help catalyze, and even transform, another person’s life through doing so. For truly, sharing is compassion in action! How wonderful is that?! 


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