Circling the glistening lake you wander ~ 

Final vestiges of golden rays

fading behind the folding western hills.

A lone fisherman

casts his line over the lapping waves

one last time ~

Seeking the depths for that mythical Granddaddy trout

we all know

lives way way down in the other world.

Silken blanket of night slips easily over your shoulders

and rapidly too ~

You break into a run, 

noticing your aloneness,

yet filled with the spirit of nature in every stride.

Silent black bats, agile as any bird,

swirl and twirl around your head ~

Ballerinas in their own right,

creating beauty in their dusky dance

at the end of day.

And you?

You run like a horse just out of the gate ~

Like Artemis on the wind,

on the wind of timelessness.

Far ahead the fiery crack of lightning

affords you momentary vision,

though no rain falls.

Aspen leaves tease with their rustlings,

changing cloud patterns

joining the movement of all things.

Your path, dark and obscure,

illuminates suddenly, unexpectedly,

as the clouds part,

revealing the shining full moon

rising in all her glory.

Rather like a eucharist you muse

as you watch her tender perfect circle

lift shimmering white into the velvet depths of night.

You gaze at the opening of your new life ahead

as mother moon shows you the way ~

has always shown you the way.

Earth, sturdy yet soft, beneath your flying feet,

You are held in suspended, silent love ~

One with the elements.


One more time.


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