There was one day more delicious than any other.

A moment when a great force rumbled upon the Earth.

When lightning struck out of a bright blue crystal sky,

When all things were unexpected …

And the World shouted its approval

in no uncertain terms.

You chose this day to emerge

into our mysterious domain;

To arrive from the delight of other worlds

and share your fire with us.

You came,

hungry to explore this new terrain

~ Curious as you are.

Came to thrill and be thrilled

To live in discovery

To free and be freed

And to remember Love.

Who is more blessed by your birth?

The world is honoured and renewed

by your presence.

Even the mountains are overjoyed

in the most dramatic of ways.

You are a luminous gift from Heaven,

Relishing the vibrant days

and mystical moon filled nights

of this earthly plane.

God sent you to remind us of bliss.

And I for one

will never be the same.


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