And An Angel Appeared…

And An Angel Appeared…


In the late spring of the year 2000 I was invited to be the keynote speaker at a large natural health conference in a beautiful country club in Connecticut. I was thrilled to be invited, and of course I was also a little nervous, even though I’d been the final speaker many times prior. On the plane ride headed east from Colorado I asked to be guided by the angels on the most important truths to bring to bear in my topic about making a positive difference in our world.

I remember vividly the experience of hearing certain words and phrases flowing to me as I listened closely, flying high at 33,000 feet over the mountains and plains of this beautiful land. I was so relaxed and felt the presence of my guides clearly. I wrote down what I heard and started fashioning my speech accordingly, adding my own stories and points, with the commitment to hopefully lift us all up with the power of inspiration, through the power of the word.

During the lunch break at the conference I wandered out alone into the grounds of this place and, leaning against a tree, I soaked in the soft, moist sunlight, and asked Archangel Michael to be with me and guide my talk. I felt a powerful, loving  presence join me there. I hoped it was him.  At the end of the day long event, we were running over time by a long arc. The audience was weary by this point and instead of a 45 minute talk, I was left with about 10 minutes to send us on our way. Certainly this was a challenge, as any speaker knows. It’s much more difficult to deliver a short talk than a long one – as President Lincoln’s unforgettably effective Gettysburg Address, lasting only 2 minutes and employing less that 275 words, so perfectly demonstrates.

I rapidly cast my mind back to the whisperings on the plane, and the feeling in the grounds, and spoke about three key things: Being a Warrior for Good, Our power of Creating or Destroying with our thoughts, words and actions, but especially I spoke about the Power of Word. And last, but not least, Protecting our Hearts’ Truths. When I spoke about the Warrior energy I actually found myself spontaneously drawing a sword out if its sheath. The strange part about that was that, though I am left handed, I drew the metaphorical sword from its sheath on the left side of my body with my right hand. Not what I would ever do in normal life (if indeed I ever had to draw a 3rd dimensional sword!) But this was a magical, heavenly sword, so I guess worldly rules didn’t apply.  I felt such a power as I was speaking, like I’d never fully accessed before. The audience was hushed, yet very alert and attentive, sitting straight up in their once hard seats. I began to notice that many tears were being silently shed, especially at the end when the subject of protecting your heart at all costs, was broached.

After I was complete I came off the stage and, since it was the end of the day, I went to the back of the large banquet room to be available to anyone who might want to speak with me, as I always did. As I was speaking with two lovely women, I noticed a tall man standing relatively nearby, though not too close. He had silvery white hair, was truly handsome with a chiseled yet kind face, and was wearing a smart business suit. I think it was deep blue in color, but it could’ve been blue-grey. I smiled at him and nodded, as if to say “I see you waiting there, and I’ll be with you in just a minute, once I’ve finished talking to these ladies.” He responded with a slight nod back.

The next thing I knew the women were gone and suddenly this tall man was standing directly, closely, in front of me. Then he spoke.  His voice was powerfully strong, yet extremely loving and his very blue eyes were set intently upon mine. He proceeded to tell me that he had heard many great speakers in the world like Norman Vincent Peale… “but you spoke the truth today. You spoke of the Warrior, the  Destroyer, and the Protector. This is who I am. Do you know my name?”

The world completely disappeared around me and I thought or felt “Are you? I think you are… Are you… an angel? Could you be? Could you possibly be… Archangel Michael?  He looked at me, as if he could read my thoughts perfectly (as I’m sure he could) and then responded with “My name is Saint Michael, and I have come to speak with you today.” Well, I had the oddest reaction in that moment. I immediately thought “If you are not who you say you are, then how dare you say such a thing!!” Then I heard a voice speaking softly in my ear, it said simply “Look into his eyes”.  So I did. I looked into his eyes, those deep blue, fathomless eyes. I was arrested by those eyes. Captivated. And I knew then, without a shadow of a doubt, that he was who he said he was. My entire being became very calm and still, like gently melting snow on the forest floor. I was completely disarmed and I knew it. Open. Willing. Present. He knew it too.

Saint Michael then gave me one simple message: “I have come to tell you that you are making a difference in this world”. I simply listened, and as I heard these words, an image flashed through me, that of a bolt of lightning flashing so so fast through the universe. All my questions of “Who is God? Where is God? What is God…. Why is there suffering? What is the meaning of this world? This life… Life itself…?” All of it drained out of me, suddenly so inconsequential in this numinous opening in time, space and dimensions. I was without word.

As we stood there face to face, there was an eternal silence that descended then, that I was suspended in, like a babe in arms. Suddenly I lurched towards him impulsively, so full of gratitude. So overwhelmed with the most expansive love for him, for God, for the All and the Everything. I hugged him without hesitation. His left arm came around me gently as he held me, but his right arm never moved. Almost like he was paralyzed on that side. It wasn’t till a long time later that it dawned on me that this was his sword arm, so he would never have raised it unless warranted. He felt strange as I hugged him, like he wasn’t real in a way. I can’t quite explain it, but it didn’t feel warm like it feels when you hug a human, or an animal. It was as if his body was simply an illusory shell to house his magnificent light for a brief moment in time.

Then it was over. My audience with this incredible Archangel was over. I felt it, I knew it. I simply said “thank you”, turned and walked slowly away. It was a long way to my seat. I heard the words “do not turn around” as I turned away from him. I knew I mustn’t. And I didn’t. Though I wanted to in a way, out of sheer curiosity, to see how he would leave! But I knew I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, transgress that gentle dictate.

Once I found my seat way in the back of the room, I sat down, and then I started to shake. It was a tremble, like subtle shock waves flowing through my body, my mind, heart, and soul. I stared at the floor, at the many people milling around. All I could think was: “I was just visited by an angel! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Saint Michael exists. And he came to visit me without fanfare. It took me awhile, a long while, to compose myself, to feel in the least bit normal. And then I quietly stood up and went a-wandering, just in case – you know – I might see a tall strong man with silvery hair, an undeniably handsome face and deep deep deep blue eyes. Of course he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Of course I knew that. But I just had to look, because I am a human being. Well, a spiritual being having a very temporary human experience anyway!

Angels exist. They appear sometimes it seems. And even if they don’t, they are here with us, guiding us, protecting us, being God’s loving warriors throughout the multiverse. They are here for you. They are here for me. They are beautiful. And they want to help us navigate our unpredictable lives, with love. Always with great love. May they draw near to you now.





  1. thank you

    • You’re very welcome Colleen!

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful Julie what an experience, thank you!

    • Thank you Patricia! Yes, indeed, it was an incredible, life affirming experience for sure!

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