All I See

All I See

Love is all I see

when I look at you.

The love of the wave for the sand,

of the camel for the desert dunes,

of the child’s fingers reaching

into the heavens

for his mother’s hand.

Joy is all I see

when I witness you.

The joy of the rising sun’s rays

spreading gloriously across the land;

the joy of sparkling champagne

as it rushes to meet your lips;

of the roar of the Harley,

waiting to whisk you away

on yet another adventure.

Peace is all I see

when I watch you.

The peace of the willow’s branches

swaying over the river’s edge,

as the swans nest privately

under her protection;

the peace of warm soup

om a bitterly cold winter’s eve,

in a round earthenware bowl

shaped as a vessel of conception.

I am awed by your beauty ~

A pure celebration of Life’s mystery;

No mistakes ~

You are the glory of Spirit

moving through this world.

What an honour 

to be in your presence

at this auspicious time

upon the earth.

Blessed Be.


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