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Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky


She was all about it …

running around being healthy, strong, independent,

showing the world her smile

and fancy cowboy boots,

striding into tomorrow without a backward glance

or sigh of regret.

And then you came ~ 

and suddenly the crumbling began.

All she seemed to know anymore

was how to cry

into the true sound of your breath,

into the wide berth of your heart span;

tumbling down into your stories

(like rolling down hills, getting all dizzy inside);

Opening unexpectedly inside the warm honey

of your laughter and hers combined.

In the deep purple of the english nightfall,

she dropped into the silence

as she felt you fold your vibrant wings

into a comfortable sleep.

She wasn’t exactly sure what to do 

about all this unravelling,

but she was curiously eager to keep going

and see what the next moment brought 

and the next.

And when the stars finally surfaced

out of the velvet sky

on her side of the globe,

and she missed your gentle sounding 

of her name ~

She danced

liquid by the fire

in the rose – gold candlelight ~

Knowing full well

that she only ever danced like this

for God,

but letting you see her 

in your dreaming



Only One

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Only One


I Am only One

yet I Am the Many

See Me in all things

and you are seen;

Love Me in all ways

and you are loved.

Surrender to Me

and all things are yours.


Heart To Heart

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Heart to Heart


Heart to heart,

the whisper on the wind

is faint yet true.

This is the one to know

This is the one to trust

This is the one to whom

you are betrothed.


The Visit

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The Visit


“Sunrise reflecting off a window”

my logical mind interjects,

trying to figure out this sparkling miracle …

But my soul lifts effortlessly

to greet the golden light,

knowing full well

that God is paying a visit

to his beloved.

And suddenly I’m whole again,

thoroughly washed in beauty’s blessing

one more time.



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I am the joy of your soul’s desire,

the elixir that fills your cup

and overflows from the stillness

in your heart.

I am the rock that never waivers,

though your errant thoughts

may dance across the firmament

searching for home.

You are my beloved

through whom I touch the world

with a warm hand.

You are the one

in whom My love shines immortal,

never to be eclipsed

by shadows of illusion.

You are the child

of My creative burst

of sunlight, of moonshine,

of star illumination.


We are the heart

that never stops beating,

the peace that has no borders

the bliss of the infinite moment.

We are the wings of hope

that lift this world.


I am the love I seek in you

I am the peace I seek by you

I am the joy I seek with you


No more longing

No more emptiness

No more suffering

Only stillness

and the feeling of flight

Only freedom

and I’m finally home.



Quest For Liberation

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Quest for Liberation


In each calculated step you take

in your quest for liberation

at the top of the world,

I will be there ~

In the grey rock beneath your feet

supporting your agility.

In every unsuspected mystery

that descends round your strategic plans,

unveiling your innocence

and unbridled ingenuity,

I will be here ~

In the quickening of your heartbeat

Strengthening your lifeforce.

In each moment of sheer terror

and equal bursts of euphoria,

as you climb steadfast

under the glowing full moon

to the rhythm of your spirit song,

I will be in the wrap of the wind ~

lifting you upwards.

And when you stand

one more time

on the summit of your very soul,

I will silently celebrate you

in the crisp dawning of the day,

in the first flood of sunlight,

pouring liquid gold

on the pristine snow.

Gloriously, lovingly, peacefully

I will celebrate you.

And dream you safely home. 



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The flow of the yoga pose

sings to my limbs

in a mystery way ~

Loving to feel the energy,

find the openings

through the twists and turns,

softening the closed places

of heartache and remorse ~

  Watching the breath

tumble through

the slow sequence

of life’s moves,

witnessing it transform

snow into starlight,

as intention clears

blocks to heaven.

  Stretch and release,

lift and fall,

tension pulsing

into full surrender ~

I offer it all ~

Nowhere else to go. 


Did You Forget?

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Did You Forget?


When was the last time

you laid down

upon my soft sweet grasses,

and really listened

to my whispering?

When your heartbeat

synchronized effortlessly

with mine,

and you knew

you were home

and would be loved


Did you forget

little earth-star child

that I’ve known you always,

that you are my delight

my ultimate fruit,

no matter what

your forgetting brings?


First Reaches of Dawn

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First Reaches of Dawn


Hummingbird arrives

unheralded in the

first reaches of dawn ~

Reminds me of Joy.

Early runners

take in the crisp

morning air

in the focussed moment ~

Reminds me of Now.

Brilliant light

bursting forth in flames

out of the placid

night lake ~

Reminds me of God.

Loving you

with a pure heart

fully surrendered

to the mystery ~

Reminds me of Forever.

All I know

is the Divine

has brought me home

one more time.


Without Fanfare

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Without Fanfare


Warm sweet wind

caressing my shoulders,

dancing with my hair

in greeting.

Sitting untroubled

I hear the crickets’ constancy,

notice a chainsaw

in the far away distance

cutting though the stillness ~

reminds me of man’s industriousness

even in the wild places.

Presence pervades everything here  …

revealing itself through the parched earth,

rolling clouds

and in the light flight

of a solitary butterfly

yellow as the iridescent sun.

Over the hills I hear the ring

of a focussed hammer

filled with gritty determination ~

Creativity is afoot and so alive

everywhere I am.

Pine cones spiral around me

on the good red rocks 

promising fertility;

As the mother tree

who birthed them

stands strong and proud

and effortlessly

has my back one more time.

Ahead I see expansiveness,

possibility, no agenda ~

simply openness.

And into this moment

my heart floods willingly ~

the flame within

quietly awake

without fanfare.