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Three Rosebuds

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Three Rosebuds


Though the trees

are almost bare

in my domain

and remind me keenly

of the loss of love ~

Yet, in my awareness

of the outer world

I find, not one,

but three

tight rosebuds

in my garden.

And even one,

golden as a Royal Orb,


despite the wintry frosts,

the soft divine perfume

rising as I bend close.

 I wonder,

marveling at its bravery,

if, in the midst

of November time,

my heart can emulate

this flower of love.

And ~ for no other reason

than it can ~


one more time

against all odds.



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Hermes – you have kissed this soul

with a love of the distant reach,

placed your winged sandals

upon his feet at birth,

and thrust the whispering winds

to ride beneath his breath,

lest he forget the constancy

of his true nature.

You have placed in his mind

the musical play of sun and shadow,

the speed of wit,

the joy of divine intent;

and in his heart

a blue flame

for the unknown,

the unexplored,

the unadulterated.

So finely tuned

his will for life

births a fierce tenacity

seldom witnessed in this world;

the burn for adventure

rising there,

almost more than his body

can bear –

beautiful and refined as it is.

Mountains and deserts

calling, calling –

“Movement, challenge, freedom,”

he cries;

a restless spirit

in a fast-paced universe

of his own design.

the beckoning of far away dreams

you, Hermes, have placed

mercilessly, lovingly, in his soul.

And the still point

one might call home?

The place of belonging?

Only he can know.




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Only for a short while

do the soft sunbeams 

penetrate the heart of mystery;

Shafts of silver luminescence

flood the cool timeless rock

of ancient worlds.

Midwinter morn here at last,

pale sunlight birthing itself

into joyful radiance;

poised exquisitely this beloved day

to wash the walls of my soul

with streams of golden foam.

After a year of solemn darkness

the deep carvings of the old ones

burst into the Now;

at last illuminated

by the sweeping generosity 

of your love ~

The inner chambers of my heart


with gratitude

and silent celebration.


Child Of Wonder

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Child Of Wonder



On the wings of mighty angels

may you fly into this world Spirit Child

Blessed Be

On the crest of the wave of creation

flanked by dolphins

may you swim into this world Little One

Blessed Be

On the back of your horse of desire

may you gallop onto the plains of Gaia

Child of Wonder

The sweet divine fire of your soul

lighting your way through every day and night

here in this beloved place …

Know you are supremely welcome here

Know that we applaud your valiancy in coming

Know that you are loved passionately, truly, deeply

Moon, Stars, Earth and Sun and All of Us

singing praise

Our hearts and yours 


Blessed Be.



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Each and every day

My soul I lift to You

Placing my dreams

in Your lap

in continual surrender.


You are the Creator

of all things

and of my life.

All is revealed

in Your divine time,

the ticking of that

inside my true heart.


I give my life to You

Uttering praise with every breath

I rest in Your knowing

I release into Your light.


Only Love exists

Only Love exists.



Out Of The Night

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Out Of The Night


We the people ~

We will not stand for one more moment

of pain 

For one more example 

of injustice

For one more suffering child

in the silence.

We the people ~

Are here to vanquish the foe 

of ignorance

To overcome the enemy

of arrogance

To lead the way out of the night

into the beauty of day.

We the people ~

Choose to be the Chosen

Risk to let go of all

false perceptions

Delight in the falling 

of old petals of pain

to allow for new growth.

And we welcome

Welcome back into the homes

of our hearts

the One who never left us.

Victory is what we stand for

Peace is what we know to be true

Joy is our template of Being

Love the balm of our souls.

And it is all for you

All for you

It was always

All for you.


Dissolved in Starlight

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Dissolved in Starlight


Tender is the heart I see in thee ~

Gentle as summer rain

on the blossoming earth;

Kind as one could only wish for

in this world of harsh words

and unthoughtfulness.

The cultivation of the garden 

of your soul

is my total joy,

and my undoing ~ 

So long have I been

asking for you,

that now,

now in your arrival

into my waiting arms

I am dissolved 

in the starlight

and moonbeams

of you

And freed into love.


Sacred Vastness

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Sacred Vastness



The depth of my love for you

would turn frogs into princes,

swamps into mountains,

rabbits into rainbows.

The breath of my love for you

would heal the starving children,

strike lightning

into the dark prisons of the mind,

shed pixie dust

over the cruel and insane.

The sacred vastness of this love

would terrify the faint of heart,

the weak of will,

the poor of spirit ~

For its majesty

dissolves the boundaries of this world,

heals the paradox of existence,

folds the stars into its glory;

to join, once and for all,

the exuberance of creation.

It is all I have for you.

For the rest ~

I come empty handed.



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Witnessing the gold elliptical sun

lifting slowly up


out of the pristine lake,

I feel the blessing

of the Goddess

rise through me

as a pure flame

of divinity.

Mind ceasing to wonder for once

what is happening in this moment,

Heart surrendering in utter bliss 

as the miracle is received

without question.


Full Faith

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Full Faith


Love all

Judge not

You cannot possibly know

the ways of the Universe.

Be at peace

put down your sword

Rest your weary mind

And place your heart

in full faith

unto the Holy of Holies.

Be still

and feel joy,

the joy of life

brimming inside

every cell.


this magnificent moment ~

And know that

All is well

in the kingdom

All is well.