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I AM I am God’s Beloved, living the life of the Beloved. My life is a demonstration of God’s love. I AM WHO I AM Gold is gold and cannot tarnish. I sing songs of freedom, as the light opens my path. I am who I’ve always been ~ A child of the Universe. I wish to speak and write the truth. I am who I was born to be. I LOVE WHO I AM I am the breath of life dancing on the breeze. I am the perfume of the whispering rose. I am life that cannot die ~ life everlasting. I am the daughter of God ~ and on me favour rests. I AM THAT I...

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For all the daughters of the Divine …

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Sweet One ~   Do not be afraid, for I am with you for always and forever. Whether you remember Me or not, I watch over you as the sun watches over the beautiful flowers upon the earth. And even though the rain falls at times, and sometimes a big storm blows over your life, never am I not your guardian.    I am your mother and your father, your sister and your brother. And your eternal best friend. I am as close to you as your next breath. The velvet night sky am I, to you my shining star. I am your true beloved, and pour My love over you continually from well before the time of your birth, throughout your life, and far beyond.    Do not be afraid ~ listen to My voice within your heart. You cannot fail, for you are my precious daughter, and I do...

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Each individual has a unique purpose. People only begin to fulfill their creative potential when they have a high degree of alignment in their lives ~ that is, when their pursuits and conscious goals are in line with their own purpose. The most fundamental definition of personal power is having the capacity to realize one’s purpose. Personal vision is the key to unlocking its power. Vision is a picture of the future that one wants to create. Vision is the vehicle for bringing purpose into the realm of acts and commitments. People who do remarkable things in their lives have a clear vision stemming from a deep and pervasive sense of purpose. A second key promise regarding personal power is that what an individual holds in his consciousness tends to become...

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Faery Folk

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Often, when I’m speaking to large groups about the magic of our universe, and our role in it, I ask  if they believe in angels. Most everyone raises their hands. That’s heartening for sure. However, when my next question comes rolling off my tongue “And how many of you believe in Faeries?” the room takes on an awkward hush, and very very few of the suddenly subdued audience raise even their little pinkies … Now why IS that?? Seems really odd to me, but I think people like to feel part of an already accepted idea, like Angels, the stories of which light up our world throughout religious and spiritual texts galore. They show up all over the place, saving the day, or night, in their inimitable style and glory. And even though...

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Everything is Energy

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I am reading a book about Singing Bowls by Suren Shrestha … In it I read: “Everything is energy.  How this energy behaves and what we call it depends on its rate of vibration and where we find it.  This vibration is inherent in all things, and therefore, in all energy.  The vibration may be at a very high frequency with relatively high energy, or it may be of a lower frequency with lower energy. The term entropy refers to a degree of disorder.  It is used to indicate disorganized energy. … Things tend toward energy equilibrium, or a higher degree of order.  Using energy, we can locally decrease entropy, or increase the degree of order.  A body tends toward order, not disorder.  Trauma, or other pathology, might be looked at as a local area...

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Venus Transit June 6 2012

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Thoughts on the auspicious Venus Transit happening June 6 of this year 2012! I have long been fascinated with the Mayan Calendar ~ and my favourite book on the subject is “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness” by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D It is so incredibly inspiring in these times of rapid change! Quoting him at this time, with deep gratitude for his insights: “The main rationale for the use of the classical Mayan Calendar is that it points out the path towards enlightenment … … The first Venus transit (June 6-8 2004) looks forward to the second Venus transit on June 6 2012, which occurs at a point in “time” after  the cosmic plan has been completed.  Even if this date lacks meaning in the Mayan...

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